How to Use T-Shirts in Your Promotional Campaigns
Tips from RiverCity, Your Source for Custom T Shirts in Austin

When it comes to promoting your company, customized screen printed t-shirts give you so many opportunities to get your name out there. There are a lot of promotional products out there, but none reach so far as shirts do! People love a free promotional t-shirt, and even if they don’t end up keeping it, someone [...]

Guide to Washing and Drying your Screen Printed T-Shirt
San Marcos Promotional Products

Everyone loves a great screen printed San Marcos T shirt! They can be the result of a custom gift from a loved one, a team you participate in, family reunion, a band you love, or an inside joke between friends. It is no wonder that most people have at least one screen printed shirt that [...]

Tips for Ordering Screen Printed T-Shirts
From Your Austin T-shirt Printing Company

Ordering custom shirts can be so much fun as it is often the last step in the planning for a family reunion, sports team, special events, specialized merchandise for sale, etc. The things you might need a bunch of custom tee’s for are the type of things that we naturally look forward to in life. [...]

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Information to Know Before Ordering Custom T Shirts In Austin

When you are preparing to order custom San Marcos T Shirts for an upcoming event or other purpose, take a moment to look up some helpful information beforehand. Knowing a few things ahead of time can help make sure that your project turns out exactly how you envision it. Take a look at the tips [...]

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Design Trends For 2017 Styles

Some of the most popular promotional items with customers are clothing. T-shirts are a classic option, but some companies go beyond them, examining annual trends to decide which options will satisfy their customer demographic. Here are some hints about trending clothing options in 2017 to consider during your autumn promotional campaigns. Get Ahead with Vintage [...]

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Screen Printing Vs. Embroidery: What’s Right For Your Design?

T-shirts, tank tops, and jackets have remained consistently popular for all kinds of promotions. Businesses, non-profits, sports teams, and more have all benefitted from promoting their message through clothing. Promotional shirts are an exceptional advertising method because they are a long lasting item, and also because they are an item that customers can use frequently, [...]

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Vector or Raster: Which Is Best for Screen Printing?

One of the biggest questions that you're likely thinking of before you screen print your tees is whether you should use vector or raster graphics. There is a difference between the two which is something that you should consider before you choose to screen print your tee shirts. Raster images are pixel-based, which means that [...]

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How to Use T-Shirts to Promote your Fundraiser

When starting a fundraiser, there are many things to take into consideration. For many, the first thing to take into consideration is an incentive, raffles, etc. — and what to offer. While you could easily offer little trinkets, many people have found success offering T-Shirts personalized to match your cause; and often entice people to [...]

How To Design an Awesome T-Shirt

Remember, you are designing t-shirts for your audience, not for yourself. T-shirts have become universally accepted as the most convenient casual wear for both and men and women. Not only are they a fantastic piece of casual wear, but they can also become a canvas for artists to express themselves and businesses to promote [...]

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