Remember, you are designing t-shirts for your audience, not for yourself.

T-shirts have become universally accepted as the most convenient casual wear for both and men and women. Not only are they a fantastic piece of casual wear, but they can also become a canvas for artists to express themselves and businesses to promote their brands and events. The business of designing t-shirts is very popular among business people and a lucrative one as well. It is important to note that the competition is very stiff and that means that you need to outshine the others in creativity to be able to sell a lot more than them.

A great t-shirt is as a result of a great design. You may understand how to come up with a good idea for a t-shirt design in concept, but it often becomes more daunting to physically transfer the idea onto a custom t-shirt. Here are a few exciting tips that can help you put out a great t-shirt design that you will be proud of and sell easily.

Understand the design that your audience wants

Every t-shirt designer has a specific target audience. You should have in-depth knowledge of the designs that resonate so well with your audience. Remember, you are designing t-shirts for them, not for yourself. You should go the extent of researching your audience to understand what makes perfect sense to them. The research will enable you to know what is trending as well as the specific design elements that have stood out for the audience.

Brainstorm your design concept

As you choose your colors, be careful to not overdo things.

Designing t-shirts is a project like any other. An outline on how you are going to carry out the project is very important. It is in the outline that you will list all the major steps that you will have to follow from the start until you have your great t-shirts. The actual design of your t-shirts is definitely the starting point and a very crucial step.

Also note that all other technical aspects are also important and need to be perfected in order to make sure that your graphic design is of high quality and comes out exactly the way you thought about it. You should also choose colors, printer type, ink types, graphic placement and other crucial selections before you embark on your production.

As you choose your colors, be careful to not overdo the number of colors you use. Using many colors may be tempting, but this can clutter your design as well as increase production costs.

Test your t-shirt design

Before printing your t-shirt out, do some troubleshooting to make sure that you correct any flaws. You can hand-draw the design on a piece of paper, allowing you to make some adjustments if need be.

Stick to simplicity

T-shirt designs should be eye-catchers. Some may have very minute details that can take a bit of more time. However, you should not always do detailed designs. T-shirts with simple designs are very popular because of their greater impacts on people who see them.

Incorporate humor in your designs

Use your creativity to make people laugh once they see the t-shirt you have designed. Make sure you incorporate only good humor.

Use a quality printer

It is only a quality printer that will produce a great t-shirt with your great design. Call RiverCity Screenprinting & Embroidery at (888) 810–7385 to discuss your needs today if you’re on the market for custom-print t-shirts or other promotional products in Austin, San Marcos, San Antonio, or anywhere in Central Texas!