Gifts For Referral Sources Pt 1

By | 2018-08-07T11:40:38+00:00 August 7th, 2018|Categories: Promotional Products|

When it comes to your clients, especially the ones who send you more business, building trust and keeping your service fresh in their thoughts is an important business strategy. You need to be as memorable as Georgia was to Ray Charles when he sang “Georgia On My Mind.” Importance of ROI Little gifts and promotional [...]

Representing Your Company With Custom Embroidery

By | 2018-06-28T10:08:03+00:00 July 18th, 2018|Categories: Embroidery|

The contrast between creating a professional representation and a casual or basic representation can be the difference in customer acquisition and passers-by. The quality appearance of a crisp, well-defined embroidery logo is undeniable. Additionally, the provider of the embroidery service must maintain a standard of excellence that is evident in the products they offer. By [...]

Screen Printing VS Digital Printing For Your Project

By | 2018-07-24T15:25:53+00:00 July 1st, 2018|Categories: Screen Printing|

When you need a design printed onto a garment or promotional item, you’ll have some printing options to choose between. Screen Printing has been used to transfer designs onto items for decades. More recently, Digital Printing, or Direct to Garment (DTG), has become a popular way to transfer highly detailed designs onto garments. Which method [...]

Effectively Distributing Promotional Products

By | 2018-07-13T10:40:47+00:00 June 22nd, 2018|Categories: Promotional Products|

Distributing promotional items is a great way to increase people's awareness of your company and its products and services. Once you have created the attractive promotional products you need to gain the attentions of prospective customers and clients in your target demographic, the next step is to find the most effective ways to get the [...]

About Embroidery Stabilizers

By | 2018-07-12T15:54:32+00:00 June 8th, 2018|Categories: Embroidery|

The screen printing and embroidery industry has many methods, techniques, and features the lead to a great final product. One of these features is embroidery backing, or stabilizers. What are embroidery stabilizers? Is one stabilizer better for a specific purpose? Embroidery Stabilizers Embroidery is specialized stitching that can be used to emphasize your company name, [...]

Types Of Ink Used In Screen Printing

By | 2018-07-12T16:03:15+00:00 May 17th, 2018|Categories: Screen Printing|

Screen printing is a great way to create effective, long-lasting promotional items like bags, t-shirts, flags, banners, and more. However, it is important to use the right type of ink to get the best results. Ink used for screen printing is more viscous than standard ink and has a variety of other properties to meet [...]

The Numerous Aspects and Challenges of the Printing Process

By | 2018-07-13T10:45:06+00:00 April 17th, 2018|Categories: Screen Printing|

Screen Printing Certain aspects of screen printing are challenging and require a lot of extra attention. This includes certain products, artwork and placements. These unique factors are detailed below. Ribbed Fabrics Ribbed fabrics are challenging for screen printing. The ink used is called plastisol and sits on the top of the fabric. It will not [...]

Choosing The Right Promotional Product

By | 2018-07-12T16:07:10+00:00 April 9th, 2018|Categories: Promotional Products|

Using promotional products is an effective way to make people aware of your product, service, organization or cause. Promotional items can last a long time, turn the people receiving them into an unpaid, passive marketing agents and attract the attention of people in variety of demographic groups. Plus, promotional products are generally inexpensive and can [...]

How To Help Your Embroidered Apparel To Last Longer

By | 2018-07-12T16:11:42+00:00 March 12th, 2018|Categories: Embroidery|

Like screen printed apparel, items that feature embroidered designs may need a little extra care to ensure they last as long as possible. The thing about embroidery is that the threads tend to break and eventually the design starts to come apart, especially if it is machine washed often. Undoubtedly, if you have apparel that [...]

How To Create And Prepare A Design For Screen Printing

By | 2018-07-12T15:44:22+00:00 February 19th, 2018|Categories: Design|

Screen printing is an economical way to create promotional products like t-shirts, bags, and other items to raise public awareness of your organization, company, or event. Creating and preparing a design to use is fairly simple and inexpensive. A Simple Design Create a simple design with big lines and not too much fine detail that [...]

Beyond T-Shirts: Creative Screen Printing Solutions

By | 2018-07-12T15:47:51+00:00 February 10th, 2018|Categories: Screen Printing|

Many people associate screen printing with T-shirts, which is a popular item to have printed. However, screen printing is great for most than just T-shirts. There are a wide variety of items that you can easily have screen printed for events, giveaways, or just everyday use. If you want to screen print an image, a [...]

Choosing the appropriate merch for the Holiday Season

By | 2018-03-22T12:08:33+00:00 January 6th, 2018|Categories: Promotional Products|

A lot of companies like to take advantage of the holidays throughout the year to do big marketing pushes, product launches, sales and events. The best products for you will depend on what you are using them for, if they do have a specific one-time use for them. We will be going over some merchandise [...]

Most Popular Holiday Promotional Items Of 2017

By | 2018-04-17T13:11:25+00:00 December 23rd, 2017|Categories: Promotional Products|

Distributing promotional items has long proven to be one of the most effective ways to market products, companies, and brands. Consumers love these items, prominently display them, and keep and use them for years. This gives companies more bang for their marketing bucks. Plus, promotional items cost pennies to produce and can increase consumer awareness, [...]

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