As everyone knows, deciding what to wear can sometimes be a difficult decision. This can be especially true when you have a lot of different clothes and outfits to choose from. From button-downs to polos to t-shirts, the options are endless.

For most people, making a choice like this is fairly easy. For higher-end events a button-down may be the best choice, for casual or work attire a polo might be good choice. When you’re going out to have fun, a t-shirt is often the go-to option. However, many people will have a difference of opinion when it comes to the overall quality of a t-shirt. If a shirt is itchy, faded, or fraying, it may not get worn, so the quality of a shirt can make the difference between wearing it and not wearing it.

If you’re looking to promote your brand or business with custom printed t-shirts or plan on selling shirts, you want them to be worn – they aren’t doing much good sitting at the bottom of a drawer! This is where quality screen printed t-shirts come into play. Although you may be enticed to save a few dollars by using cheap t-shirts, you will be better off choosing quality options.

Cheaper materials and lower-quality can lower the barrier to entry when it comes to getting your shirts out, but you may hamper sales or wearability if you provide uncomfortable, low-quality clothing.

Benefits of Premium Screen Printed Shirts

High-quality shirts have a higher perceived value in the eyes of those who might wear them. A person is more likely to keep a shirt in the rotation of clothing they wear if the shirt feels good and looks good. Quality shirts that last for years have more wearability, and people will be more inclined to wear them for longer – which can improve the visibility of your business or brand.

Any business or organization can easily go with cheaper t-shirts if they’re more concerned with saving money than having actual interest in the shirts themselves. Higher quality shirts can help elevate your brand or organization’s reputation by being associated with high-quality materials. A comfortable, nice-looking t-shirt can lead to more discussion about your organization, and word-of-mouth referrals can help boost your brand’s visibility further.

For many, the first shirt they get from you will set their perception of your brand. A cheap shirt can make a negative first impression, while a great-feeling shirt made of quality material can elevate your brand. This is especially true if you’re selling shirts. If a potential customer can tell the shirt is low-quality they may decide not to purchase, or may purchase one shirt and decide not to buy again. On the flip side, high-quality shirts can create brand loyalty and convert customers into repeat buyers. It’s not only possible that they’ll buy more shirts, but may be more inclined to purchase other promotional products you offer – or be more inclined to choose your business if you’re using your shirts to promoted your company or organization.

The Bottom Line

You may be able to save some money on low quality Austin t-shirt printing, but if you’re serious about promoting your brand, business, or organization, it’s worth considering giving away or selling premium t-shirts. The material and appearance of the shirts themselves can make a huge difference in how the shirts are perceived, though you’ll also want to ensure you choose colors and designs that are aesthetically pleasing. Here at RiverCity Screenprinting we offer top tier services for t-shirt printing in Austin Texas, we will be happy to help you and your business, give us a call today!