Ordering custom shirts can be so much fun as it is often the last step in the planning for a family reunion, sports team, special events, specialized merchandise for sale, etc. The things you might need a bunch of custom tee’s for are the type of things that we naturally look forward to in life. However, the ordering process can be stressful as you try and figure out the details involved. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are ordering a quantity of custom screen printed T-shirts in Texas.

What is the Purpose of Your Custom T-Shirt Order

As discussed earlier, there are so many different reasons you might be ordering custom T-shirts from senior class trips to bachelorette parties and everything in between. For every purpose of your T-shirt, there is a style and material of shirt to choose from as well. Hanes T-shirts make perfect sense for some bulk T-shirt orders, but there is a whole sea of options beyond them. You might really like a cotton V neck style or a dri-fit style. And beyond material, a long sleeve shirt might be ideal for you or a tank top for your summer girl’s trip or a baseball three quarter length sleeved shirt. Whatever your use of the shirt is going to be should be one of the biggest driving factors in choosing the type.

Know the Sizes

One of the biggest complaints in modern day shopping is that you might fit into a medium in one style or brand of shirt but then you can barely make an XL work in another. How is anyone supposed to really know their “size” when sizes aren’t consistent? Unfortunately, custom T-shirts have the exact same problem. Before you purchase, distribute, or even have people order the shirts, consult a sizing chart that will help you identify the parameters of what constitutes each size.

Size of Design

Your design, whether it is a custom piece of part or not, needs to look just right on your new screen printed T-shirt. You should consider the size of your art, and you should definitely ask questions to the t-shirt company who is printing them for you. You need to know how they choose the size of the graphic and whether or not is based on a ratio for each individual shirt or if they are scaling the size to fit a specific size and then going from there. If this is the case and you have a wide range of sizes, you could either end up with prints too big or too small depending on the shirt size.

Print Quality

The quality of the art work that you upload for your custom t-shirt design will directly correlate to how your t-shirts come out. The higher resolution print you can get, the cleaner, brighter looking shirt you can expect. Do not try and skimp out on low quality prints and expect crisp designs on your shirts. Be aware of the kind of shirts you envision, communicate that to your t-shirt company, and let them guide you in creating an awesome custom t-shirts in Austin that are perfect for your event or occasion!

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