Choosing the best t-shirt material for your shirt can be less than straightforward. There are many different materials to choose from, each with its unique set of benefits and drawbacks. It’s hard to know what will work the best for your design until you’ve tried it out yourself!


The most popular type of t-shirt material is 100% cotton. It wears soft and smooth and comes in a good variety of colors. It also includes a lot of breathabilities, while also being a hearty and lasting material for t-shirts.


Polyester t-shirts are very resilient and don’t lose their quality easily. They are moisture-wicking so that they won’t soak up a sweat after a few uses. This is great because it will last longer, and your design won’t fade or wear out as fast if you wear it while working out. The material is also comfortable against the skin and usually quite breathable.


Also known as elastane, spandex is soft and stretchy. This material makes it easy to design a fitted shirt that shows your muscles or curves. The fabric has great elasticity and is very flexible without losing its quality over time. It’s perfect for a shirt that’s going to be worn for running or underneath other clothes as an insulation layer for colder temperatures.


Rayon also known as Viscose, is a blend of natural and manufactured materials. The natural sources usually come from wood and other agricultural products and has the same molecular structure as cellulose. This type of fabric is very common and is a popular choice for athletic and casual wear because of its breathability and soft texture.


This fabric comes from the cannabis plant, which makes it eco-friendly. Hemp is lightweight and weather resistant making it very durable. Hemp also has anti-bacterial properties and is UV as well as mold resistant so it is a great choice for people who will be spending time outside doing things such as camping or other outdoor activities where they might encounter harsh conditions.


Also known as flax, linen is a plant-based material that is lightweight but strong. It doesn’t have much elasticity, so it’s better for designs with minimal or no stretch at all such as embroidered designs. Linen comes in many different colors and lasts for a very long time. Linen is known for being moisture resistant and can absorb dampness without making you feel moist like other moisture-absorbing fabrics. Linen is also hypoallergenic and breathable so it is a great choice for customers that have sensitive skin.

Spandex + Cotton:

This blend of materials is one of the most comfortable t-shirt fabrics. The cotton portion makes it soft and breathable, while the spandex gives it just enough stretch for ease of movability. It’s an optimal choice if you want a t-shirt that moves with your body and is not restrictive.


Bamboo keeps you cool and dry while remaining soft. It’s a natural plant fiber, so it’s skin-friendly and very breathable, making it perfect for more active designs and daily wear. Fabrics made from Bamboo are unmistakably soft.


Silk is delicate but comfortable against the skin. It comes in various colors and prints that perfectly complement your design. This is a great choice if you want to make a statement with an eye-catching feminine style.

Moisture Wicking:

This feature pulls sweat from the skin and releases it into the air so you won’t feel cold or clammy when it’s hot outside. Moisture-wicking technology helps your custom design last longer and look newer, even after several washes. This is perfect for active designs such as gym wear or workout attire.


Microbes can cause stains and bad smells, which is why it’s important to choose t-shirts that are anti-microbial so they will resist these effects if you plan to be active in them. This technology can prevent your design from turning yellow or fading because of sweat and body oils.

UV Protection:

The Sun’s UV rays tend to cause damage to the skin even when it’s cloudy, so it’s important to pick t-shirts that protect you from their harmful effects. UV protection helps your design retain its original color for longer, so you won’t need to buy new t-shirts as often. This is perfect if you want your custom t-shirt designs to last.

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