When starting a fundraiser, there are many things to take into consideration. For many, the first thing to take into consideration is an incentive, raffles, etc. — and what to offer. While you could easily offer little trinkets, many people have found success offering T-Shirts personalized to match your cause; and often entice people to donate. Additionally, people can potentially be enticed to donate more than originally anticipated to get shirts for their friends and family.

This, of course, is not to say that the additional donations are the only benefits from incorporating shirts into your fundraiser. You’ll actually get a much bigger benefit that is, in a way, “passive” — meaning there will be no additional work on your part. What is this, you might ask? The shirts are, essentially, in a sense, free advertising for your fundraiser — meaning that, anytime someone wears your shirt out in public, more people are being made aware of your fundraiser — and you didn’t have to lift a finger.

Now that you know why to use T-Shirts to promote your fundraiser, you likely want to know how to use them for maximum promotion. Included below are some of the best ways to use T-Shirts in future events…

1. Set Up a Raffle

Want to sell shirts to promote your fundraiser, but don’t want to spend all the money needed to get the amount you think you’ll need? You’re in luck! One of the easiest ways to get the maximum profit with the lowest amount of money spent is through a raffle. You can set the price for raffle tickets as low or as high as you want. A slight tip, however — the price should not be too high, as too high of a price may prompt some people to feel like they will be wasting money if they do not win.

2. Sell Shirts at Related Events & Places Before Fundraiser

While this may not be as obvious to some, you can easily sell shirts related to your fundraiser in the area(s) related to your fundraiser. For example, are you going to be holding a fundraiser for your local church to get repairs? Sell shirts at your local church to fellow churchgoers, branded with the date, time, and location of the fundraiser event — and ask anyone that purchases a shirt to wear it whenever possible. Awareness will be spread about your fundraiser event, and at virtually no effort on your own.

3. Offer “Group Packages” Of your Fundraiser Shirts

Another idea that might not be too obvious to some is to offer group packages of sorts for your shirts. For example, someone might come to your fundraiser hoping to get shirts for their entire family — so perhaps consider bundling a certain number of shirts when a certain amount is donated by one person as a family deal of sorts.

All in all, it’s easy to see that T-Shirts are one of the greatest — and easiest — ways to not only spread attention about your fundraiser but also ensure you get the maximum results from it… sometimes with the least amount of work.