When it comes to promoting your company, customized screen printed t-shirts give you so many opportunities to get your name out there. There are a lot of promotional products out there, but none reach so far as shirts do! People love a free promotional t-shirt, and even if they don’t end up keeping it, someone will end up wearing the product which is still a plus for your business. However, if you are strategic with the design, style, and the manner in which these promotional shirts are given, you can almost guarantee that the recipient will keep and wear it to some capacity. If you utilize some of these tips for promotional campaigns, you will find that your investment in your customized screen printed shirts will be well worth it in the long run!

Distribute at Events

One way to get your name out to your community is by sponsoring meaningful events that the people you want to do business with care about. Then, at the event, hand out some free promotional t-shirts! Not only do people love free swag, but it also helps you create another point of contact with the public as they associate your name as one of the sponsors for an event they care about.

Wear the Shirt

Maybe there’s an opportunity to hand out promotional items or be at an event, but giving away the shirts isn’t ideal. Even still, having your staff wear your promotional t-shirts creates a casual uniformity to your team that is appealing and sharp! Also, if you are trying to get new leads by having potential clients sign up for an email list, you can offer a t-shirt to anyone who does sign up. Not only does this motivate people to give their info, but by giving potential clients the same shirt your team is wearing, it helps make them feel like they are already a part of your team!

Follow Ups

Just like you make a lot of contacts to create a larger networking base, most people are regularly approached for the same reason. Because of this, finding a way to stand out is crucial, otherwise you blend in with the sea of other businesses. Sending a promotional shirt with a thank you note as a follow up can help lay a foundation needed for a new client to take the next step. Shirts can also be given in a similar fashion to customers who have had complaints or issues. As you work to fix the problem, offering free gear can help smooth over the situation for the customer and help you earn back your favor!

Social Media

The internet has offered business owners a whole new realm of advertisement with the rise of social media. Getting data on and contacting the people that engage with your products online can help you gain so much wisdom on what steps to take moving forward. In addition to the information you can gather, promoting a product has become as simple as the press of a button. For instance, one way you can use your promotional t-shirt is to offer it as a reward for having your followers promote your business for you. Asking your followers to tag their own friends on one of your posts in order to get the chance to win a free promotional t-shirt helps you by bringing in new potential clients and the advertising continues with the shirt in itself!

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