Embroidery For Sentimentality

Those special events in our lives that mean so much to us, birthdays, weddings, even funerals al give us a moment in time that we want to highlight with a keepsake. Embroidery has long been one of the most beloved ways to add a special touch to things that you want to keep for yourself [...]

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Representing Your Company With Custom Embroidery

The contrast between creating a professional representation and a casual or basic representation can be the difference in customer acquisition and passers-by. The quality appearance of a crisp, well-defined embroidery logo is undeniable. Additionally, the provider of the embroidery service must maintain a standard of excellence that is evident in the products they offer. By [...]

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About Embroidery Stabilizers

The screen printing and embroidery industry has many methods, techniques, and features the lead to a great final product. One of these features is embroidery backing, or stabilizers. What are embroidery stabilizers? Is one stabilizer better for a specific purpose? Embroidery Stabilizers Embroidery is specialized stitching that can be used to emphasize your company name, [...]

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How To Help Your Embroidered Apparel To Last Longer

Like screen printed apparel, items that feature embroidered designs may need a little extra care to ensure they last as long as possible. The thing about embroidery is that the threads tend to break and eventually the design starts to come apart, especially if it is machine washed often. Undoubtedly, if you have apparel that [...]

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Embroidered Designs For Hats

A well-embroidered cap has a substantial look and feel of quality. Choosing a design for embroidery is a unique process. It’s completely different than screen print design or printing other types of garments. When hat design is borrowed from other sources it can get lost in translation. When it’s done right, the results can be [...]

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How to Use T-Shirts to Promote your Fundraiser

When starting a fundraiser, there are many things to take into consideration. For many, the first thing to take into consideration is an incentive, raffles, etc. — and what to offer. While you could easily offer little trinkets, many people have found success offering T-Shirts personalized to match your cause; and often entice people to [...]

A Brief History of Embroidery

It seems that ever since humankind learned to make needles and thread to stitch together clothes, we've seen the potential of stitching to go beyond the utilitarian and into high art. Archaeological evidence shows that the use of stitching as decoration goes as far back as our Cro-Magnon ancestors 30,000 years ago, and has become [...]

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Hand Embroidery Basics

Step 1: Set-Up Fabric, Thread, and Supplies Below are all the materials required for embroidery by hand: Embroidery hoop (preferably more than one in different sizes) Embroidery needles Embroidery thread or “floss” A thimble (not technically necessary, but helpful in the long run) Small scissors Chalk pencils (regular pencils work, but graphic is harder to [...]

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