Some of the most popular promotional items with customers are clothing. T-shirts are a classic option, but some companies go beyond them, examining annual trends to decide which options will satisfy their customer demographic. Here are some hints about trending clothing options in 2017 to consider during your autumn promotional campaigns.

Get Ahead with Vintage Designs

With some older styles returning to popularity, 2017 has been a year marked by vintage style apparel. This trend is expected to continue into the next year. Below are several clothing options that have become popular due to this continuing trend.

Hat Styles

Anyone over 30 remembers the baseball cap with the curved bill. In fact, until the younger generation made it popular, a flat-billed cap used to be considered relatively un-stylish in comparison. However, the strap back, curved bill, cotton cap, which was pejoratively called the “dad hat” by the generation who made the flat-bill fashionable, is back. No longer is the little league dad cap reserved for dads. The strap back cap is seeing a comeback, and the fashion-forward should jump on this vintage style baseball hat. Baseball caps can easily become part of a promotional campaign by adding an embroidered design or logo to the front.

Denim and Buttons

The denim button-down shirt continues to pace in 2017, and it continues to serve as a staple for retailers seeking to court Millennials. Branded apparel should consider following the trend too. Denim shirts convey a clean image, but they also express a slight “hipster flair”, which means that they appeal to a broad cross-section of customers. Youthful customers are interested in the denim look, but they also seek light weight clothing, and they look for sleeker styles that incorporate denim.

Loose-Fitting Styles

Over-sized is back in style, and it has remained so for quite a few years now with no end in sight. From jeans to t-shirts, more comfortable, less form-fitting clothing styles have become more popular. The fashion-conscious are choosing comfortable clothing above other options, and they are turning over-sized sweatshirts and t-shirts into the fall and winter must have items. Mixing comfort and trendy is a sure fire way to corner any market.

Outwear is Making a Come-Back

Outwear styles have maintained a relatively clean look. Thin puffer coats and soft-shell bonded outwear remain safe pieces for retailers to carry in their inventory. However, the coach jacket and windbreakers are also making a comeback. The retro outwear will help style savvy fashionistas transition from fall to winter.

Get In Front of It

Those with a penchant for clothing and a fashion forward style know that old usually becomes new again. The key to staying trendy means getting ahead of the curve when retro styles make a comeback. So slow it down when you’re cleaning out your closet, so you don’t toss out today what might get you to stand out tomorrow. Whether you’re trying to make a statement, or you’re selling a brand, or you’re marketing promotional clothing, it pays to stay on top of design trends.

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