Embroidery is a great way to show class and prestige, and patches often symbolize membership to a group or organization. Custom patches are something we do with great pride just as the people who wear them. If you are thinking about getting some custom patches or are just curious about the process, we have put together a guide to help you get started.

The Art Work

One of the most important parts of a custom embroidered patch is the design. Your design should be centered around the purpose of the patch. Is it to show an accomplishment, like achieving the honor roll at school or winning a sports tournament? Is it to show allegiance to a social movement or political party? Is it to display art?

All of these require a different approach to the design of your patch because their purposes are different. If you do not already have your artwork ready to be made into a patch, we have highly trained and creative team members with a lot of experience in design, custom art, logos, and more. We can help you get the custom artwork that you are looking for so you and/or your group can proudly wear your embroidered patches for years to come!

Digitizing the Design

Once you do have your artwork ready to go for your embroidered patches, that is when our team works its magic to digitize your artwork or design so that it can be embroidered. This is one reason why consulting with a professional from the get go is wise – the quality of the artwork can make or break the digitizing process.

The other aspect of the artwork besides quality is the original intention for the design. A piece that is designed to be embroidered from the start might differ from other mediums. Luckily, our skilled team can work with you on making the best looking patch you could imagine, and sometimes that means making a few adjustments to the design.

Using high tech digitizing software, our design team will put the finalized art design into a digital format that works with the embroidery machine to translate that design onto a patch. This is why the skill of the digitizer and the quality of the artwork are two of the most important factors in getting a great looking patch!

A Product You Love

After our team works their magic, our embroidery machine will use the digitized version of your artwork to create a sample patch for your approval. Once you confirm how much you love the sample patch, we will go on to complete your order, whatever that size may be. Whether your patches are for a uniformed industry, an organization, or to show an achievement, we are ready to offer you a high quality product with the best design for your purposes!

Need custom patches but not sure how to start the process? Contact RiverCity Screenprinting & Embroidery and our experts will help you find the perfect patch design for your project.