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T-Shirt Design: Screen Printing Or Embroidery?
Custom t-shirts in Austin TX

If you are looking to put a logo or design onto a shirt or another article of clothing, there are a few choices you have to make before placing your order. One of the bigger choices you have to decide on is whether you are going to have your design created by having it screen [...]

Tips For Creating Wearable T-Shirt Designs
From your Screen printing company in Austin TX

Everyone, at one point in their life, has had that t-shirt - the favorite one that gets worn frequently and for years on end, and even when it is too worn out to wear, you still hold onto it folded in the back of your closet. Sometimes this shirt lands the title of “favorite” due [...]

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Digital Printing vs Screen Printing

When you need a design printed onto a garment or promotional item, you’ll have some printing options to choose between. Screen Printing has been used to transfer designs onto items for decades. More recently, Digital Printing, or Direct to Garment (DTG), has become a popular way to transfer highly detailed designs onto garments. Which method [...]

A Few Reasons to Get T-Shirts Printed
From your Screen Printing Shop in Austin TX

At RiverCity Screenprinting & Embroidery we specialize in printing your custom designs on your clothing of choice. There are many reasons to print on t-shirt: for sports, for organizations, sororities or fraternities, events, and so much more. This article will explore a few of the many possibilities for custom printing. Sports Teams commonly print clothing [...]

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