At RiverCity Screenprinting & Embroidery we specialize in printing your custom designs on your clothing of choice. There are many reasons to print on t-shirt: for sports, for organizations, sororities or fraternities, events, and so much more. This article will explore a few of the many possibilities for custom printing.

Sports Teams commonly print clothing for a variety of reasons. Most teams, whether little league, high school, or even collegiate will have tam shirts. These can vary depending on personal desire. Some people prefer team rosters on the back or just a popular saying related to their sport. Very common are fan shirts which typically have a logo on the front and player names and numbers on the back. Shirts can also be made for tournaments and sold as fundraisers.

Events are a great reason to get custom shirts made. They can broadcast the name and details of an event for promotion or can serve as a great souvenir for people attending to take home with them. With events that require staff or volunteers, shirts can be made to indicate those positions, typically with a logo on the front and title on the back.

Organizations can create custom t-shirts for a variety of reasons. They can have a basic design representing their organization or maybe a trip or an event they are attending. Shirts can be used for personal use or for sale.

Businesses benefit a lot from t shirt sales not only from profit gained but also by basically selling their own advertisements. Often consumers who regular a certain business are more than willing to buy a t-shirt to represent it, especially if the design is fashionable.

Greek Life seems to always be putting out new t-shirts. They are made for events both for promotion and just for memories for the members. They are made for formal and casual events and mom days. They are made for big-little events and for community service projects. They are made for fundraisers and they are made just for the men and women of the groups to wear to represent themselves. Greek societies are always creating new t-shirts for every imaginable reason and RiverCity is the perfect place to team up with for that.

Jerseys can be customized and created or you can team up with one of our specialists to create a sleek, unique design for your game day jerseys. They can be designed with or without names on the back and can have a variety of fonts for the letters as well as the player numbers. The colors can usually be color matched to fit a specific set of school or team colors but even if it can’t there are many colors so find a close fit is not a problem.

Causes are another great reason to custom design a t-shirt. This can be done for things like breast cancer awareness and fundraising for medical causes or trips or natural disaster relief. The majority of people are excited to help out with a cause by buying a t-shirt because many people will wear them so they feel that they are not only giving their money to a worthy cause, but also getting something out of it.

Schools use t-shirt customization in a wider variety of ways than almost any other type of organization. They can be used for the band, the choir, faculty, classes, and sports. Schools encompass many of the categories listed above so they have a great need for t-shirt production. It is a great way to boost school spirit, raise money for organizations, and garner support from the community.

Fundraisers are a great way to use custom t-shirts. As stated in the previous post, t-shirts are a great fundraiser because people are typically very willing to buy t-shirts because they will use them and because it is an easy way to donate to a group of kids they care about.

Clothes customization, though, can go far beyond just t-shirts. If you take a look at all of the categories above, you can substitute t-shirts with sweatshirts or polos or any other style of clothing we offer. Also beyond printing, embroidery is a great option for team or school logos.

If you’re looking to have some t-shirts made for your organization, team, or business, call a representative at RiverCity Screenprinting & Embroidery today to get an estimate or schedule a consultation!