The innovation of screen printing has made it easy to get customized products of all sorts, from t-shirts to other apparel and all sorts of promotional products. With screen printing, customized shirts and other products can look better than before. Screen printers are great professionals. But, for you to receive quality products, you need to choose a great printer. As easy as it may sound, it is more difficult in a market flooded with print shops competing for your order. The following are some of the characteristics you should look for to choose a great printer.

They Are Reliable

You can identify a great screen printer by how reliable they can be. First and foremost, the screen printer should be fast in producing results. You may be working on a strict timeline. Thus, if the machine and printer are slow, it will slow you down as well. They are thus making it low quality.

The reliability of a screen printer also involves producing matching outfits. This is important if you are printing large quantities of the same item, especially if they should have a specific uniform pattern. The screen printer should ensure that the clothes’ details all look the same.

They Produce Beautiful Designs

Imagine receiving a finished order of printed t-shirts only to find that the printer left out one of the colors you requested. That is the reason why you should go to a screen printer that produces beautiful prints. The screen printer should produce a piece of clothing that is not only wearable, but something that anyone can feel confident when walking around wearing. A screen printer should produce an image that is exactly the way it looks on the computer.

Their Screen Prints Are Consistent

Suppose you are working on an order for a t-shirt design that will be displayed in bulk on a store shelf. Consistency means the screen printer you work with should produce a design that looks the same on all the shirts. If the designs are different in any way, it could cost you in the form of lost sales. Re-correcting the screen print may cause you to lose even more money. It is thus essential for the screen printer to produce consistent designs.

They Have Industry Experience

As much as amateur screen printers may have the skills in printing, industry experience is essential. Sometimes you need to visualize and experience what you have learned in class. Moreover, an experienced screen printer knows all the risks of the industry. They know how to correct things when they go wrong. Most importantly, they know how crucial orders are. Thus, the work will be ready on time and follow consistently. As mentioned earlier, consistency is vital. Experience with a screen printer will help in such a situation where you need the prints to be uniform and finished on time.

Their Work is Reasonably Priced

Sometimes, you may need to place an order for a large quantity of printed items. The price is therefore crucial in this situation. A great printer should not over price their work, especially when it comes to bulk orders. At the same time, the product quality should go hand in hand with the price—too low prices are also a red flag. Either way, screen printing should be affordable. It should give you the interest to want to print again.


Finding an excellent screen printer may be challenging at first. The flooded market can make it difficult to find an excellent print shop. The good thing is that once you find a good screen printer, you can work with them for years to come as a business partner. An excellent screen printer should love their results before giving them to you. Therefore, consider taking your time when choosing an excellent screen printer.

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