Designing uniforms can be intimidating and challenging. Because work wear is something that can represent your brand or company, it can greatly influence how your brand image or company is perceived by clients and consumers. It might take some trial and error to get it right, and there are several different things to consider. Here is a guide to help you keep track of everything important when designing your company’s uniform.

Consider the Work Environment

It is important to understand the kind of workplace environment and how the uniform should fit into that climate.

  • Take note if the interior design space is more casual, modern, formal, etc.
  • Make sure the uniforms are practical for the job. Since there are different roles, it is important to establish a clear uniform design for every role.

Think of the Brand Image

Make sure that the uniforms complement your branding as a whole. Make it make sense.

  • Stick to consistent colors when strategizing for the uniforms. Think of your logo. If the logo is red, white, and blue, the shirt should not be black, yellow, and orange.
  • It is also better to use the same font on shirts if you want it to match the logo. This gives customers familiarity and is bound to form trust.
  • You can make uniforms unique to every employee by embroidering or printing the names of the employees onto the uniform.

Consult your Employees

You want to take your employees’ input into consideration as well. This enforces more productive morale throughout the workplace. A well-designed uniform can boost productivity.

  • It is essential that all the uniforms fit well and are comfortable for the employees to wear on a regular basis.
  • With that, brainstorming on designs with your team can make your uniforms more unique and creative because of the staff’s contact with the consumers. This will offer a different perspective for your brand. Feedback is important and can greatly improve your company.

Consider Comfort

Comfort is important when designing a uniform. Choosing the right fabric for a specific environment is as important. This goes hand in hand with comfort and style of the uniform. You don’t want to choose something that the employees will be a hindrance to the physical duties that they have to carry out.

  • Choose fabrics with good quality. Although there are cheaper fabrics out there like polyester blends, it can be uncomfortable for the employees. This can affect their productivity and can be a hindrance when performing duties.
  • Take note of the work conditions of the employees. Check the temperature because you want them to stay cool and clean throughout the day.
  • Choose the right fabric (i.e. cotton blends are lighter and more gentle) that ensures that the employees will stay clean and comfortable throughout the day.

Uniforms are subconsciously associated with brands and businesses and they play a big role. It is an important aspect of a brand or a company for the sole reason that it contributes to the way consumers perceive the brand as a whole. It is essentially a crucial task that should be considered and not overlooked. Company work wear is also beneficial for the employees because there is professionalism, authority, trust, and belonging.

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