One of the best ways to advertise your business or organization is through promotional items. There are so many practical and convenient items that your logo would look great on, some you might not have thought about yet! What item is best for promotional giveaways will vary greatly on the nature of your business. If you are hoping to spread your name around town with something that meets a practical need for your prospective clients but you are not sure where to start, consult this list of popular promotional ideas. You might just find something that will work perfect for you and your business!


Everybody loves having extra pens on hand, so this is a really easy and simple place to start. If you have a brick and mortar business or an office space, you likely already have some branded pens which makes it even easier. Pens are a great way to create brand recognition, so always having them on hand is a smart way to promote your business.


There are so many different types of sizes and colors of notebooks that your business or organization logo would great on the front of! And just like that promotional pen (which will pair very well with a promotional journal), it is a very practical item that people will want to take when it is offered to them.

Hydro Flask

These water bottles, and others like them, are fantastic for promotional give aways. Not only are they super trendy and benefit the environment as they reduce plastic waste from disposable water bottles, but there is plenty of space for your logo or business name. The amount of use these bottles can get creates a high potential for brand recognition, which, when it comes to promoting, is the whole point!

Hand Sanitizer

While such a small and seemingly insignificant item, mini hand sanitizers are a great choice for promotional items. Because it is so convenient to have in your purse, backpack, car, or desk, people are likely to take this item and then actually use it later.

USB Flash Drive

Having one of these on hand can make life so much easier when you are in a pinch. Practical, convenient, and needed are all important qualities when it comes to promotional items. Because it is likely to end up as someone’s key chain, putting your logo on a USB flash drive is a great choice!

Stress Ball

This is an especially effective promotional item if you are marketing your goods and/or services to working adults. This is likely to end up sitting on someone’s desk in an office where it can be seen and utilized at will.

Coffee Mug

If your business has an office that people work in daily, branded coffee mugs are great to have on hand for people to use while they are at work. This is a wise choice for give away promotional items as well as your logo will look great on it, you can play around with different colors and designs, and people love coffee mugs and use them daily!

Find Promotional Product Screen Printing in Austin

Once you have a plan for your promotional product campaign, the next step is to find a screen printing shop to fulfill your order. Campaigns like this often need large quantities of promotional products to work, so it’s typically best to choose a larger shop with professional equipment to handle the printing. For those in the Austin or San Antonio area, RiverCity is here to handle all of your Austin embroidery and screen printing needs. Use this form for a free quote to get your promotional campaign started today!