Everyone loves a free t-shirt or tote bag and it is something that many businesses use as an advertising tactic. They can be given out as prizes or even just for participation. Although they are a pretty common thing, there are still some things that you should know. One of the most important things that you should understand would be the screen-printing process that goes into creating the perfect apparel.

A Quote

The first thing that you should do before you even consider buying anything is to get a quote. This can be done online without you even having to talk to anyone. All you have to do is click “Request a quote” and fill out the prompts. Requesting a quote will give you a good idea of how much money you will need to ensure that you have enough supplies.

Get An Idea For Artwork

When it comes to screenprinting, you can put nearly anything on a shirt or tote bag. The possibilities are endless and that is why it is important that you have a solid idea of what you want. You can hire a designer or create something yourself to get the perfect item. A lot of companies that offer screenprinting, also offer designers as well. This is great if you aren’t exactly sure what you want and need some help.

Think About Your Needs

Why are you getting these shirts or bags? Is it for a group of people you don’t know? Or is it for your company and you have their sizes? These are important things to think about when the time comes to order your gear. If you are ordering these items for a bunch of people you don’t know, you will want to make sure that you are getting a variety of sizes so that everyone is included. However, if you are able to, it would be better to go ahead and get the sizes that you know people would wear. That way nothing is going to waste.

Figure Out Dates For Shipping or Pickup

After you have figured out what sizes you need and have come up with a design, it is time to make your order. You will need to decide when and where you need these items that way the company can get them to you. It is always good to give yourself some wiggle room, so try to have them at least a week before you need them. This will keep you from worrying about them.
Screen-printed items are one of the most fun and easiest ways that you can advertise. You will make your existing customers happy because they did get something for free. However, these shirts are walking billboards for your business. So, make sure your company logo is prominent and they are eye-catching.

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