Using a Promotional Product to Increase Business

Everywhere you look there are ads for businesses or products.  When you are in your car, you’ll see billboards or yard signs. You go to the grocery store and your receipt has advertisements for local businesses.  You browse the internet and there are tailored advertisements based on what sites you have visited. Why so many [...]

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Picking The Right Embroidery Fabric

Screenprinting or embroidery? After a decision has been made that it’s best to do embroidery on your company’s promotional products, your family’s events t-shirts and polo shirts, that special gift to someone you care or just a simple sentimental keepsake for a loved one, the next question will be, what kind of material or fabric [...]

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Most Effective Use of Banners, Fliers and Signage

Things such as marketing with branded merchandise, advertising, word of mouth referrals, weekly and major events aimed at attracting new business and encouraging repeat customers are obviously great for bringing in the crowds and generating interest. If people can't find your business they're likely to get frustrated and give up. Equally important, a lot of [...]

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