Designing logos for anything is something that has become much more common during our virtual world. People are now taking the time to make their own brands for everything ranging from small businesses to family vacations. Over this time, there is an increased importance to spread design literacy. When it comes to logos, the Golden Ratio is a great place to start. We’ll discuss what this ratio is and how it can be used to design more visually appealing logos below.

What is the Golden Ratio?

The golden ratio originated from a series of numbers from Greek history. Now we know the golden ratio to be a set of patterns in how we organize our visual ideas. This ranges from dimensions, to shapes, colors, and letters. Everything has a certain set and pattern that is expected to coexist to be appealing to the naked eye.

Because of its seemingly inherent visual appeal and its ubiquity in nature, the golden ratio is also known as the “divine proportion.” As evidenced by Leonardo da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man,” The golden ratio can be found in many features of human anatomy. There are certain calculations that are made in order to create the golden spiral, and 2D designers can follow these steps in order to make their work visually appealing for the viewer.

How is the Golden Ratio Used in Design?

The importance of the golden ratio is to help artists create something beautiful to the naked eye. Many great artists throughout history have taken the time to think about the golden ratio and how to include it within their work to create something that their audience wants to continue to look at. This is also something that goes into everyday graphic design. In this case, it can be an important tool when it comes to designing a logo.

When making a logo, it is vital to think about the golden ratio to be sure that the design is visually appealing to the audience. Consider the proportions of the golden spiral and think about ways you can size your design’s elements using these proportions. By using this method, you’ll create a design that viewers will find more memorable. This will help your target audience recognize your logo no matter the context, whether its on a t-shirt, hat or other promotional product.

Some logos that make use of the golden ratio are companies like Pepsi, Apple, Toyota and Twitter. These companies have taken the time to make their logo designs perfect so that the audience will be able to continuously recognize them. This is why anyone can see these logos and instantly know which brand they represent without even seeing the brand name.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, when creating a logo or any 2D design, the best way to create something that is visually intriguing is through using the mathematical calculations of the golden ratio and the golden spiral. This will not only give your audience a better impression of your brand, but it will also make for a more recognizable logo. Although everyone might have different opinions when it comes to logos, using the golden ratio will allow you to create proportions in your design that are proven to be harmonious to the eyes of most viewers.