The life blood of your business depends not only on a great product or service, but another huge component of your business’ success is effective advertisement. There are so many ways to get your name and brand out there, and embroidering your logo on hats, shirts, and patches can work as walking advertisements for you. If you are considering this as an option for you or your business, here are some things to consider to get you started!

Your Brand

Your logo should represent your business in a clear and simple way. Not only do you want your logo to be recognizable and distinct, but you need it to be universally used on different platforms. You want the same logo to look great on a shirt pocket and on the screen saver of a computer screen and on a brochure. This also means your logo needs to work as different sizes. Before submitting your logo for embroidering, resize it to 3 or 4 inches and take a step back from it.

How does it look? If you have a lot of text in your logo, you might find it hard to read because, in order to make it fit, you have had to reduce the size too small. You want whatever is on your logo to be legible for onlookers, otherwise, what’s the point? Consider simplifying what you have so that your logo can do its job in advertising your business well!


Being flexible with your color options for your embroidery is going to help you get the best looking logo possible. For instance, if you have a logo with multiple colors and you are hoping to put it on a variety of colored shirts or hats, you might have some overlay with those colors.

If you give the embroider some wiggle room, you are more likely to end up with a product that both looks great and clearly advertises your company! Even if they don’t completely change the color of a text in your logo, adding a different color outline can help it pop on a wider range of backgrounds.


Knowing what your fabric is going to be and keeping it consistent for each order is going to help your logo look great and maintain quality consistency. The material your logo is going on greatly affects your embroidery because different stitch densities are required for different products. For instance, the embroidery density on a cotton shirt is way less than on a polyester one. The fabric greatly affects the amount of stitches needed to look just right.

If you are wanting to take your advertisement to the next level and use embroidery to get your logo working for you but need a little help to get started, let us at RiverCity Screenprinting and Embroidery help get you started. We can consult with you on your vision to make sure your logo not only looks great, but is also effective in its advertising!