Name recognition is such a big part of running a business, and putting your logo on a promotional product is a great way of getting your name out there! While there are so many potential promotional items to choose from, not every product truly promotes your brand, which should be the goal! If you’re marketing your healthcare business, maybe a frisbee isn’t the best direction to go (though, everyone loves a good frisbee circle). Here are a few suggestions on promoting your health care facility or business!

Tote Bag

Regardless of what you’re really selling, everyone loves a good tote bag! Not only is this functional for the person receiving it, but you have a lot more options on what to print on this item. Because tote bags offer a bigger, flat surface, you have the option to go beyond just your logo. You can include contact information, location, services provided, etc. These are especially great for trade shows or conferences when you are competing with other businesses. Potential clients will actually come to you just for the bag, and now that person is carrying around your advertisement like a mini billboard!

Hand Sanitizer

Most people are relieved at the sight of hand sanitizer being handed out, especially at a trade show or event where people are constantly shaking hands or touching various objects. A travel size hand sanitizer with your company’s logo might be just the perfect option not only to promote yourself, but proper sanitation as well.

Badge Holders

Customizing your facility’s retractable badge holder is a really easy way of promoting your name and a sense of workplace community! Not only will your logo be seen wherever your associates go during the day, but this tiny piece of uniformity does help create a sense of comradery that is also great in a workplace!

Ice Packs

Mini ice or hot packs are a great way to go home with your patient or client. Because they are reusable, customizing these little packs keeps your logo present for a long time after it is handed out. Being so small and handy, this is also another great option for a trade show or conference.


Putting your company name or logo on the cover of a digital thermometer makes for a great in office hand out. While these are small, they are very practical and useful for every home, which makes these the perfect item to give away. Patients or potential clients will keep these on hand for a long time, allowing your advertisement to be present for years to come.

Pill Box and Cutter

If someone has a weekly pill box, this means that they are using the product daily. Putting your company name, logo, or contact info is a great way to keep your company inside a patient’s or potential client’s home. A good way to double down on this approach is to also include the pill cutter with your info or logo on it as well. It doesn’t get much more practical than this for your patient, but you also get to stay on brand promoting health and wellness.