Modern day fashion can sometimes feel overly flashy and even overwhelming at times. When you look at the often used trends in uniforms and team jerseys, you will see a lot of brightly colored tie dye, neon, and witty catch phrases. When you are making a decision for your company or group, it can be easy to feel like your design options have to be just as flashy as these trends. Instead, consider how standing out by going with the subtle and sleek option of tone-on-tone embroidery might be the perfect choice for you and your clothing design needs.

What Is Tone-On-Tone Embroidery?

Tone-on-tone embroidery is the process of putting your text, more commonly in the form of a simple logo, in a tone of color just slightly darker or lighter than the color of the material it is being put on. This creates a very subtle design that you will find looks very clean and very professional. This is usually done on a solid colored shirt so as not to detract from the already subtle logo. It might seem as though using a color tone for the embroidery that is similar to the surface that it is being stitched on would cause you to not be able to see the design, but you would be surprised at how this actually makes the embroidery pop even more. It is not uncommon to put a light gray or even mat black embroidery on a black surface, and what you end up with is a smooth, high end looking piece of attire. The same goes for using light gray or shades of tan on a white surface. This muted approach to your advertising ends up representing your company or team in a really positive light.

Why Choose Tone-On-Tone?

In the midst of bright fashion trends, tone-on-tone has become very popular over the past couple of years. In an effort to stand out in the noise, taking a simplistic, more muted route does just that. In addition to looking sharp, you are sending a message that feeds into your branding. As you know, branding in a business or group is crucial, and your design option is typically the first thing that on-lookers will notice, even subconsciously.

What Can I Use Tone-On-Tone Embroidery On?

While it is common to have either an initial or logo on the left side of the chest of a shirt or jacket, you can use this form of embroidery on anything. You could create a line of jackets, shirts, hats, visors, wrist watch bands, or anything else that could typically have embroidering. You can even move beyond apparel and use tone-on-tone on fabrics in your house. Imagine your guest bathroom with nice ivory towels hanging with an ivory pattern or initial on them or even dining room napkins or place mats. This opens up a door to personalize things in your home while still maintaining a chic, expensive vibe. While there is definitely a time and place to choose loud colors for different purposes, consider taking an opportunity to make a statement with the subtle, clean look of a tone-on-tone embroidery.

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