There are a few things to keep in mind while you are designing a new logo to be embroidered or screen printed. In general this is not too difficult of a process, however it can be easier with some helpful custom tips embroidery tips for your Austin, Tx business.

Consider Your Design

When thinking about color in your design, choose a logo that will look great in both color and in black and white. Color can not only increase your costs, but it may also look different on what you using the logo on. Hi-Visibility vests look best with black printing on them, so be mindful of what color you will be using your logo on. It is also recommended that you don’t blend color in your logo, as this is near impossible to show on embroidery. If you must use more than one color, make sure that the colors complement each other well, and the garment that you will be embroidering on. Outlines and shadowing may not achieve the results that you would hope for, so try to avoid these options as well.

Fine Details

When creating your logo on a computer, everything may appear just how you want it to. A great tip is to reduce the image to 100mm to see how everything looks then. Is your logo still something that you had hoped? Does it need a few adjustments? By reducing the image size, you will be able to get a better idea of how your logo will look when it is embroidered. Small lettering may also not embroider well on your article of clothing and in turn won’t show up well. If you are going to have lettering on your logo, it is suggested that you make the letters at least 6mm.


If you want to include an image on your logo, go for something unique and well thought out. A skilled graphic designer would be able to help with this. Try to stay away from simple clip art images that may give off the impression of being an amateur. Additionally, if you would like to use blended color in your logo, a screen-printed item may be a better option.

Fonts and Lettering

Funky lettering can be fun, but how readable will it be on the finished product? Choose a font that will be great for your business, and will be easy to read. Shadows and outlines may look nice on a computer screen, but won’t have the same effect when it is embroidered, so if you have words or letters in your logo try to stay away from those.

With all of the possible options that you ca create for a logo, it may be difficult to choose just one. A logo will represent your business so the first impression will last forever, you want to make sure to leave a great first impression. By creating a logo that will be memorable is imperative, but by remembering these tips will make it embroider-able!