Those special events in our lives that mean so much to us, birthdays, weddings, even funerals al give us a moment in time that we want to highlight with a keepsake. Embroidery has long been one of the most beloved ways to add a special touch to things that you want to keep for yourself or pass on to others. From monogrammed handkerchiefs as a thoughtful gift to a father, husband, or brother, to a date and location embroidered on a wedding ring bearer’s pillow, embroidery can be great for adding sentimentality to an item for any special and memorable occasion. Let’s take a moment to look at some ways that embroidery can be used for sentimentality.


Give a Special Honeymoon Memory

Embroidered pillows and linens are popular items to give to a happy couple to commemorate their wedding. You don’t have to just denote the date of the wedding, however, or its location. One popular way to use embroidery is to inscribe the dates and location of the honeymoon on a small throw pillow. This reminds the couple not only of the day that they wed, but also of the wonderful memories they experienced as they started their lives together.

Commemorate a Special Achievement as a Team

Retire your team’s bowling shirts by having them embroidered with the date and location of when you won your championship. You can also have embroidered all team members names on the back for an added special touch of unity. Take this idea further by doing it for any team that you are a part of that marks a milestone or accomplishments. You can always get new jerseys or shirts, but these are special, and as such should be embellished and cherished.

Get Creative & Make Something Unique

Many people don’t understand the level of detail that can go into an embroidery task and as such think that mere names and dates are all that can be done. This is not the case. Why not mark a family reunion with embroidered mini tapestries that bear the family name, crest, date, location, and motto. Keychains, hats, and more can be done to match these tapestries. Infant colors, and other embellishments can be used to add depth and style in order to create a truly unique work of art. When it comes to embroidery there is really no limit as to what can be accomplished so get creative and don’t be afraid to be bold.

As you can see from just these three ideas, the idea of embroidery for sentimentality is still alive and well even today. While granny sitting in her rocker lovingly embroidering a pillowcase or a wall plague may be a rare thing today, using an embroidery service to add a special touch to your items is as easy as walking into a screen printing and embroidery shop and talking with one of the talented and helpful staff members. Marking special events, occurrences, dates, or life moments with embroidery is as timeless and enduring as the memories that are attached to the items embellished with it.