When it comes to your clients, especially the ones who send you more business, building trust and keeping your service fresh in their thoughts is an important business strategy. You need to be as memorable as Georgia was to Ray Charles when he sang “Georgia On My Mind.”

Importance of ROI

Little gifts and promotional merchandise here and there provide a serious Return on Investment (ROI). Depending on your business, a new client can normally bring in far more than the cost of the marketing items. If a $5-$10 item brings in a new client that will make $200 or more for your organization, that’s an unprecedented Return on Investment.

What Referral Gifts to Give

Deciding which items are best to represent you and your brand can be difficult. There are some items that can work in the majority of situations, regardless of what person or brand they represent. Other items might be industry-specific and vary greatly depending on what your field is. Below are some great ideas for referral gifts:


Food items are always a good go-to. When deciding what type of food gift to use, aim for something low in fat content. This will cater to any recipients trying to maintain a healthy diet. In addition, eating healthy foods tends to make people feel better after eating it than after eating fatty foods.

Season Gifts

Seasonal gifts can be a great way to give a gift that will be used immediately.

  • Summer: Promotional products that can be used for summertime gifts might include items such as sunglasses, beach towels, or wine totes. These items can be customized with your business logo. Every time they are used, these items will spread your business name.
  • Autumn: Hats, coffee mugs, and foam drink holders make great gifts and give-aways during the lull before the winter holidays begin.
  • Winter: Winter items can vary depending on your location. For regions that experience very low temperatures and snow, items such as customized sweaters or scarves will likely be used often. In regions with warmer winters like Central Texas customized t-shirts will likely get more use.
  • Spring: Some summer items can be utilized in spring as well. Tubes, beach balls and portable speakers are great items for those returning to the pool. Frisbees and sports bags are good ideas as well, as these can be used during upcoming sports seasons.

Gifts for Everyday

In addition to taking advantage of the seasons to ensure that referral gifts are well received, giving items that can be used everyday can be appreciated as well. Items such as cups, mugs, and keychains are ones that often receive plenty of use without having to wait for a certain time of year. Wearable items such as customized t-shirts and lanyards are also gifts that most recipients will be able to use often, regardless of the business industry or current season.

In our next article we’ll take a look at holiday related gifts, industry-specific items, and higher ticket rewards. If you would like more information about getting customized gifts for your business referral sources, contact RiverCity Screenprinting & Embroidery in San Marcos, TX.