Most schools have a variety of sports teams, and many communities have local leagues as well. The administrators and coaches of these teams make plenty of important decisions, including choosing team uniforms. One thing to keep in mind when looking at uniforms is that there are many different choices available, including how to have your team’s logo or sponsors added. The most popular of these methods are screen printing and embroidery. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, but the choice depends on your needs.

Benefits of Embroidering

Embroidered clothing tends to be associated with quality. The raised feeling of the embroidered icon and the texture come together for a better wearing experience. Embroidery can be a good choice for sports uniforms because it is sturdier than some other methods, and will last longer without the threat of cracking or peeling. It’s also not limited to shirts. Hats, socks, backpacks, and other sportswear can all be embroidered so that any team accessories can be made to match. Embroidery as a process is specifically designed around fabric. As long as the item is fabric, it can almost always be embroidered.

A Few Cons Of Embroidery To Remember

One thing to keep in mind with embroidery is that there is the additional weight of the thread that is used in the embroidery process. Embroidered emblems are heavier than other types, and can sometime make the material pucker around them. In addition, depending on the complexity and size of your team’s logo, the design may be difficult to capture. Embroidered designs are somewhat limited because they are created using thread, which can only get so small.

Benefits of Screen Printing

There are plenty of benefits to screen printing as well. Durable inks are used to print on fabric which produces very visible colors. For a sports uniform, this is considered by many to be an ideal method of printing. Screen printing is also very cost-effective, especially if you need to print many shirts at once. In addition, this method is very reproducible and printing companies can often produce many prints at once. Screen printing is also a very flexible technology that is designed to work with a variety of different applications. While it can be difficult to capture small or intricate designs using embroidery, screen printing can often replicate these designs easily.

Drawback of Screen Printing

If the fabric chosen for uniforms features any kind of coating, these fabrics cannot be screen printed. This can be a huge drawback because it means that certain types of material cannot be screen printed at all. In addition,
uniforms with screen printed designs may require slightly different care in order to keep the designs look crisp and new.

The Bottom Line To Remember When Choosing The Best Option

Many sports teams use a combination of embroidery and screen printing. If you have ever seen professional soccer uniforms, you’ll notice that there is always an embroidered patch with everything else screen printed directly on the uniform. Screen printing is a economical option which is designed for sports teams which are looking for high-quality graphics in a mass scale. Embroidery is perfect if you’re looking for a few units at a time.

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