Going green is the new theme in marketing, especially when it comes to Austin TX promotional products. Consumers are becoming more aware of the way products are being made and of their carbon footprint. If your company advertises with promotional products, using bio-friendly items may go a long way in gaining your customers’ trust.

What Does It Mean

The makers of “green” promotional products are using terms such as:

Eco-friendly – is a broad term that basically means it is having a positive impact on the earth. Many of the items with this labeling include using recycled materials and are possibly reusable. Reusable items will have a larger ROI (Return On Investment) count.

Recycled – keeps products made of plastic, glass, certain metals, rubber, and cardboard out of the landfill and integrates them back into use. Many items today boast of being made of recycled materials. You know you are helping the earth when you promote using items made from recycled materials.

Organic or All Natural – means that the product was made of biodegradable or natural materials. Wood, bamboo, hemp, reeds, and other sustainable materials fit this description. These items break down in landfills or can be composted. Reusable and recycled are sometimes used with the organic label with products such as paper.

Easy Ways To Get Your Name Out There

If you have an overstock of promotional products that have your graphics such as your logo, your company’s name, and contact information, consider donating them as giveaways at charitable events. This gives your company positive PR and expands your marketing.

Donations to local thrift stores are another way to solve a storage problem and still get your name out there. Pick a charitably backed store, get a tax receipt, and know that your company is supporting a good cause. It is strong ROI marketing and the tax donation receipt will help recoup your costs.

Walking and running marathons may be a good match for donating products. Most of the participants in these types of events are eco-conscience. If your promotional item is an eco-friendly type item such as t-shirts, totes, or water bottles then you are reaching an audience that will support your company brand. Most likely, you will see your product being used at similar events as these runs have a repeat following.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

The whole point of using promotional materials is for your company to get noticed. However, the products that you choose send out a message about the kind of company you are running. In other words, the quality of your promotional items reflects the quality of your brand. Buy quality eco-friendly products with high-quality graphics that will last. This will send a strong message to your potential clients about your company as well as continue to build ROI exposure and count.

As a reminder, choose a product that reflects something about your company. This way, every time your products are used, the user will have a strong impression of who you are and what you do. Buying American-made and earth-friendly products is a big plus for company brand recognition.

Custom Embroidery & Promotional Products in Austin TX

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