When we imagine a doctor or a lawyer, that image usually does not include a uniform that makes use of a t-shirt. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be advantageous to use something to let people identify you. In those cases, you may want to choose some kind of “badge,” which we will go over the options for below. A lanyard can often be used in conjunction with name tags for identification purposes.


The options for name tags can be best used in conjunction with either a somewhat “uniform” uniform, or a less-strict but direct dress code. The name tags can be made several ways. The first option to consider is material: the main ones used are metallic or plastic. The price difference is actually not as drastic as one might expect, with orders for metal name tags starting at $10 per tag, but going down to $2 for large orders. The plastic badges actually start at around $8.


Another thing to consider is the style for holding them to the wearer. If the wearer is wearing personal clothing that is nicer, then a great option is a magnetic strip that goes under the clothes to hold the name tag on. The cheapest option is a simple pin, but that can leave holes in the clothing.


There are additional options as well, like color and text. The way in which the text is put on the name tag has several options; Plastic engraving allows you to have raised text, while digitally printing the words will be flush with the name tag. Plastic engraving adds about 30-60 cents per badge. If you would like to customize your badges, it may also be advantageous to use a custom-shaped option. If you are an ice cream company, this would mean the shape could be rectangular, but have the shape of an ice cream cone on the side. This option may not work for everyone, however.

Lapel Pins

For upper management or organizations like law firms, a more subtle option would be to use lapel pins. Lapel pins are not overly expensive, the only issue would be that you would need to use them while wearing a suit. These lapel pins can also be paired with metallic name badges for non-management employees.


Another cheaper option is using a lanyard. These can be used in several ways. Lanyards are great for firms that make use of security via photos or by having a magnetic strip placed inside. Another use is for identification if you are not interested in buying branded apparel. Of course this allows you to also have a varying level of attire professionalism, unity being accomplished with the lanyards.

Another use is the option for volunteers and event coordinators. It can be expensive to purchase shirts especially for things like volunteering or large events. But a lanyard is great for short-term events. Another advantage of using these is that you can reuse the same lanyard holder and simply put in new cards when you have new employees or volunteers.

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