Custom embroidery is a common method for displaying logos for business shirts and t-shirts. Though an embroidered logo can look casual on a t-shirt, it can also look very professional on a polo or other nice work shirt. Not only can logos be embroidered onto a shirt, but also letters, allowing one to express names or accomplishments or events.

Technology has come a long way over the last couple of decades. What would have taken a considerable amount of time and effort in the past is now streamlined into a simple and easy process. Embroidery is one of those processes that has been improved so greatly by the advent of computers.

Now, with this easy process, once you have a design digitized, the machine is programmed and prepared with threads. Because of the wide variety of colored thread available, it is very easy to get exactly, if not nearly identical to, the colors that you want. Once the machine is prepared, the area to be embroidered is backed with a material stabilizer which will later be mostly discarded, barring where the stitching is. Then the piece is loaded onto the machine and it sews the design.

To finish up, an operator may cut a few loose strings or get rid of the extra backing from the sewing process. At this point, the product is finished and inspected for quality.

Because of the increase in technology and the ease of the process, the cost of embroidery has become very affordable. But not only is it affordable, it is also stylish and sophisticated. Embroidery can be used for so many reasons and is one of the widest trends in the fashion world.

When designing a logo or other piece to be embroidered there are some things that should be taken into consideration. First is the area on which the embroidery will be placed. Keep in mind the size of the area because that will affect the way your design is viewed and how big it should be. Make sure it is big enough to read but not so big that it is overpowering.

Consider the colors. As previously stated, often you can find exact color matches, but sometimes you cannot. Even in these scenarios, you can find very similar colors. When this happens just make sure that you compare all of your final colors before approving the design.

Because embroidery can be done on a wide variety of materials and differing thicknesses, it is one of the most widely used processes across types of clothing. Almost anything can be embroidered, from a hat to a shirt to a bag or even something like a pillow.

Because embroidery is such an efficient and affordable process which is also versatile and trendy, it is always a good choice when designing a product.

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