No matter where you go, you’ll find shirts in many shapes and sizes. For decades, shirt have become commonplace within many men and women’s wardrobes due to the comfortability they offer. There are a plethora of shirt styles that can be used for many different occasions, from casual hang outs with friends, to graduations and weddings. Here are different styles of shirts, their differences & uses.


The most commonly worn “shirt” variety, the T-shirt was appropriately named due to the shirt’s resemblance to the letter T. Inspired by the “union shirts” men wore as an undergarment, it didn’t become popular until the 1950s.The t-shirt can be worn year-round since they can be made thinner or thicker, making it very versatile. The t-shirt can vary in size, being more loose or fitted depending on brand, material used and type of style. Women’s shirt styles are often smaller and more form-fitting; men’s styles tend to be looser.

Sleeveless shirt

The Sleeveless shirt is known by many other names such as the “tank-top” or “athletic shirt”, because it is often used by people participating in sports. It is a more reduced version of the shirt, with the sleeves cut off and a larger neck hole, making it easier to cool off while playing sports, making it easy to see why they’re used so often in athletics. Men’s styles will often have lower hanging spaces for the arms and neck to fit through; women’s styles will often have smaller spaces for the arms and neck.

Long sleeve shirt

The long sleeve shirt is normally worn during colder months of the year because of the extra warmth it offers from the cold. The sleeves of the shirt extend to the wrists, covering more of the body. Normally made from the same material as a t-shirt, long sleeves can be a little thicker. Both of the sleeves end in a cuff, except in some women’s styles.

Polos (collared shirts)

Polos, also known as “collared shirts”, are not as casual as t-shirts, but not as “classy” as a dress shirt. Often times, businesses provide employees with polos as part of their dress code since they look more professional than just a t-shirt, but are often cheaper than buying a dress shirt or dress. Men and women’s polos often look similar, except the smaller shoulder length of women’s styles.


Jerseys are the shirt of choice for sports teams and fans, as their style is similar to that of the sleeveless shirt and suited for athletic use. Jerseys are often made from polyester and other materials and have evenly-spaced holes in the jersey to help keep the wearer cool during activity.

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