It doesn’t matter what type of logo you use because each conveys a different message about your company. Because prospective clients will notice your logo first, it is important to ensure it’s perfect. Trying to figure out which logo type is most suited for your company? In this article we discuss 7 possible logo types and how they can be beneficial for different reasons to your business:

Wordmarks (or logotypes) 

 Like a letter mark, a wordmark or logotype is a serif typeface logo that concentrates solely on a company’s name. Consider Visa and Coca-Cola. Wordmark logos work exceptionally well whenever a company has a short and distinct character. The Google logo is an excellent example of this. The name is catchy and distinctive on its own, so when combined with great typography, the logo contributes to excellent brand awareness. In addition, as in a letter mark logo, the typeface will be a significant consideration. Because the attention will be on the company name, you should choose a font — or design one — that expresses the spirit of what your company does. Fashion labels, for example, frequently employ crisp, beautiful fonts which feel high-end, whereas legal or government institutions almost usually use conventional, “heavier” writing that feels secure.

Symbolic Symbols (Or Logo Symbols) 

 A pictorial mark (also known as a brand sign or logo sign) is a graphics-based logo. It’s usually the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the word “logo”: the iconic Apple logo, the Twitter bird, or the Target bull’s eye. Each of these companies’ logos is iconic, and each brand is so well-known that the symbol is instantly identifiable. A strong brand mark is nothing more than an image. As a result, it might be a problematic logotype for new organizations or those with little brand recognition.

 When choosing a pictorial mark, the most crucial consideration is the image to use. It’s something that will be with you for the rest of your company’s history (unless you decide to change it). For example, John Deere uses their deer emblem to play their brand name. It would help if you thought about the more significant meanings of the picture you chose. The World Wildlife Foundation, for example, uses a stylized image of a panda—an attractive and vulnerable species—to elicit a strong emotional response.

Abstract Logo Marks 

 This sort of logo is known as an abstract mark. Abstract geometric shapes symbolize your business instead of identifiable images like an apple or a bird. Examples include the BP starburst logo, Pepsi’s divided circle logo, and the Adidas flower design with the stripe pattern. As with other logo symbols, abstract markings do a great job of distilling your brand’s essence into a single visual. On the other hand, Abstract logos provide you the freedom to design something genuinely one-of-a-kind to represent your company.


 It is common for mascot logos to include an illustration of a cartoon figure. You may use the mascot logo to build your very brand spokesperson—or spokes-character?—and it can be done in various ways. Your business’s mascot is nothing more than an artistic character that symbolizes your brand. You might think about them as the face of your company. The Kool-Aid Man, Colonel Sanders of KFC, and Mr. Peanut of planters are among well-known mascots. Mascots can help companies appeal to children and families by creating a family-friendly ambiance. Those mascots in sporting events are a terrific way to engage the audience and create a fun atmosphere.

In Conclusion

Choosing the logo that’s right for your brand and business can be a very big task. It is our hope that after reading this article, you will have more information to consider when it comes to making your final decision. If you happen to consider enlisting a professional to help in your venture to design a new logo, River City Screen Printing is always happy to help! Give us a call or visit our website