Not every business is making the most of their growth opportunities. With the widespread market disruptions happening today, it is likely that you have never been more poised to expand and grow your business. With vaccination rates rising and a huge store of pent up energy for consumer spending, there is plenty of possibility of opportunity for those who seek it. Two quotes come to mind, the first being from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War—“opportunities multiply as they are seized.” This is a great one, and the more you build and prepare your business to be able to market and grow better, the more able you will be to take advantage of similar opportunities in the future. The second is “Nothing is more expensive than a closed mind and a missed opportunity,” a quote by Jackson H. Brown. While some people might want to sit on the sidelines and see how everything plays out, not you! If you are already here, you know that you probably should start doing more marketing. Read on to find out why you should definitely be doing that, and how that is going to help you grow your business like never before.

Promotional Products Have Real Value to Consumers

One of the largest reasons to get branded promotional items is so that you have a way to deliver goods to consumers that they will actually keep and use. Even if you are doing business to business marketing, there is still a wide range of opportunities to include goods alongside branded materials so that businesses don’t even feel marketed to. In fact, the average household has 30 promotional items in their house. 53% of consumers will actually use these products once a week. 81% of the population will keep branded items for a minimum of a year, while a whopping 40% will keep them for up to 10 years. Finally, 89% of consumers have used one in the last year. People will share these items with their friends when they have extras, creating even more opportunity. That is some incredible market penetration.

Promotional Products Are Advertisements—And Good Ones

To see why this is such a great opportunity for your business, one has to ask, “what is the point of advertising?” Advertising’s purpose is to let potential customers and clients know about your products and services while convincing them that yours are quality. Advertisements exist to cement a relationship between you and your customers and to solidify the image they have of your company in their mind. Finally, advertising can be used to get out news about your company as well as inform potential customers about how your products can make their lives better.

Branded promotional materials are one of the most effective ways to do this across all age groups, and they are amazing investments in both the short and long term. Promotional products can be used to meet all of these advertising goals and also create an easy way to create face to face introductions. For anyone who is expanding or just looking to grow their business, this should be the next decision to make.