When you are managing a business, you have to deal with a million things everyday. There are constantly problems popping up alongside whatever other ongoing tasks that you have to take care of. In the middle of all of this however, you also have to execute a vision. And in the middle of all this, businesses will often come to realizations involving new revenue streams, new products and new services that they could be offering. But how do they get the word out? When you are already swamped the task can seem overwhelming. When it comes to creating something that can work for promoting your business’s new offerings, branded promotional products can be a great solution, and something great to work in with other options as well.

One of the best ways to get customers interested in a new product is to give them a coupon for it. By including something like a coffee mug to include it in, a fridge magnet or other high use items you can increase the likelihood they will keep it. Customers are more likely to use a service that fixes a problem for them, so include on here what problem you will be fixing.

You can also invite existing clients to try out new products, or give a limited time offer to existing and potential customers. This can also be done on promotional materials themselves if that is something that would fit your business. We can create this for you, or you can create customized postcards or brochures with offers or invitations on them, as well as contact information and QR codes. You can also include a call to action if you are simply trying to generate a mailing list using giveaways, which branded items can increase participation in.

Going door to door is a great way to make connections for certain industries, especially service products. While customers might react negatively to door to door salesmen, customers are much more likely to appreciate an offer to solve a problem that they have, and if you are already at their home you know the set of problems they might be likely to face. This also includes direct marketing to businesses. By using promotional products, you are giving yourself the opportunity to create a face to face interaction and explain the value that your product or service brings.

It’s a good idea to tailor your promotional items to the specific industry you are in and to who your target audience is. If you are targeting homes and are, for example, a plumbing company (or any other service based company), something like a plunger or other useful household tool could work in this instance. If you are offering massages, then you can give away branded back scratchers or massage tools.

If you are marketing directly to businesses, things that they use everyday like pens are always great options. Or you can pick something that they will get a lot of utility out of, like a customized calendar or whiteboard for ideas. Another great option is to give out branded shirts at trade shows and presentations to promote your brand and new product or service.

Customized promotional items can make your next launch or marketing campaign a huge success!