With the hot summer months on the horizon, there is no doubt that people will be out and about enjoying the sun and relaxation. There is so much to do both outdoors and inside during the summer. Kids are out of schools, adults plan vacation time and weekends are meant to be enjoyed. Favorite summer pass time events often include concerts, carnivals, 5K runs, charity golf outings, summer camps, festivals and farmers markets—and the list can keep going. With everyone out and about, this is the perfect time of year to get your business noticed.

What Kind Of Promotional Gear Would People Want During The Summer Months?

Obviously, you have to consider the event that you will be promoting at when you are deciding what kind of merchandise to have on hand. If you are giving away small goodie bags at a farmers market or some sort of free outdoor event, you may want to stick to beverage koozies, pens and pads of paper with your business name or brand logo printed on each item. If you are going to have your promotional products at a larger event where you will have a greater outreach, you will want to consider something a bit more useful and memorable.

Great Summer Promotional Gear:

  • T-shirts
  • Beach Towels
  • Canvas Tote Bags
  • Hats
  • Umbrellas


T-shirts make great promotional merchandise because literally everyone can use one. It is helpful to have many sizes available so that someone who may wear a large will not end up with a small. You can easily have your brand name or logo screen printed on to a T-shirt, or you can even have it embroidered on a better quality shirt such as a polo. If you are promoting a cause, you can still have your logo or name printed on a sleeve or the back of the shirt to show sponsorship of the event.

Beach Towels

Who doesn’t need a beach towel? These are ideal for a day at the pool or the beach. Even those who do not swim can easily just add them to their linen closet and use them as a standard towel. Each time the recipient of the towel uses it, they will be reminded of your company when they see your brand printed or embroidered directly on the towel.

Canvas Tote Bags

A canvas tote bag can be used as a carry-all for a busy parent, it can hold food purchased from a farmers market and it can be used to store belongings inside the car. Canvas tote bags are highly versatile and offer a great opportunity to display promotional images on both sides of the canvas.


Hats are not everyone’s cup of tea, but a lot of people do enjoy them. This may be best left to events such as golf or outdoor activities where those receiving them will be able to use them right there on the spot. The front of the hat can easily depict the name or logo of your business.


Another fantastic and useful piece of promotional merchandise is the umbrella. The umbrella can be used to block the sun’s rays on hot days and keep the recipient dry on rainy days. Bonus points for the umbrella because it can be used virtually year round. Make sure you use high quality printing to preserve your logo and/or brand name well on the outside of the umbrella.

These promotional gear ideas will be handy for anyone you are giving them to. You will be able to spread the word about your business while giving your customers and potential customers a quality piece of promotional merchandise with fond memories attached.