As the holiday season rolls around, we all start to search for gift ideas for loved ones. Many people don’t realize that they can look to specific holiday gift categories for specific types of uses. You can use gifts to promote your business while earning goodwill from customers.

Customer Retention Matters

A lot of energy gets invested into bringing in new customers. Businesses don’t always pay attention to keeping the customers they have. Promotional product gifts have a great reputation in the realm of marketing for getting results. Sending out gifts increases brand awareness, and at the same time, it puts a smile on the customer’s face.

You have three main types of promotional products like:

  • Holiday gifts
  • Holiday party gifts
  • Edible gifts

Holiday Gifts

Falling into the category of high-quality holiday gifts, this selection includes things like a promotional Bluetooth wireless speaker, a custom fleece blanket and a Tuscany Coffee Shop Gifts Set. The Bluetooth speaker works well because most people listen to holiday music. This type of gift can go a long way to winning appreciation from customers and employees alike. Gifts with employees can lower the turnover rate, which costs businesses thousands of dollars each year.

Holiday Party Gifts

In particular, holiday party gifts work well because they don’t cost as much. You might buy this to promote a giveaway or have gift bags for the office party. One example of this might be company logo holiday ornaments that put everyone in the holiday spirit. You might give out a jar with candy to celebrate the holiday season.

Edible Gifts

Food doesn’t cost much, and it can go a long way with employees and customers. You might hand out a Custom Cocoa Truffles Gift Box, which looks elegant. Businesses can send out gifts as a way to promote a business image or brand with their company. The Branded Cashew Pouch is another one that does well. You might add your company logo to it for extra points this holiday season.

Improve Visibility of Your Brand

Some studies have shown how 89 percent of customers recall the company that gave them a promotional gift even two years later. You improve brand visibility, and you can even send out something as simple as branded pens. It can go a long way to getting your brand noticed by people.

Awesome Return on Investment

You get an awesome return on investment provided you do it right. Some studies have shown an estimated 50 percent recall rate of a company over traditional media marketing tools. Before you start, pick a promotional product holiday gift idea that meets up with your budget and goals.

You might send out games as promotional gifts. For example, you might send out golfballs that have the logo stamped on it. Some other ideas include cornhole bean bags, folding chairs and stadium blankets. This holiday season, sending out a promotional product as a gift can help your marketing while doing something positive. Customers and employees alike love this type of gift.