Oftentimes, nonprofits and other causes have a need to make the most impact with their budget. They also tend to have unique goals that are different from those that a corporation or individual person may have. Rather than focusing solely on sales or brand awareness, these nonprofits need to spread awareness, spread the word of the good works that they’re doing, and keep themselves in the minds of donors and thank volunteers. Since there is generally a need for budget-friendly promotional objects, the best items may be unique to nonprofits.

Consider the Goals

The first thing you should do when considering what items might fit your nonprofit or charity is consider what your goals are for this specific drive, and what your goals are for your general organization. If you are making items to increase volunteer turnout, that will be different from sending out items to donors in order to reach fundraising goals. In addition, the aim of your organization may be to spread general awareness, meaning that you want to make the most impressions as possible with your money. Each of these goals are going to have different items that will fit them best, and the gift you may give a volunteer will differ from something you give to a donor or the general public.

Products for Raising Awareness

If you are looking to raise awareness, you are going to want to make the most impressions as possible with your marketing budget. These items should also be reusable, or at least items that can last a long time. A great example is a rubber bracelet, which people tend to wear everyday. Items like this have high visibility and invite others to ask questions about them. Another similar set of items are buttons, magnets and car stickers. These can be placed in high-traffic areas, and can lead to a lot of unique impressions. If your nonprofit will be reaching a large amount of students or a younger population, drawstring backpacks can be an item that will be used everyday.

Products for Rewarding Volunteers

For gifting volunteers and gaining more volunteers, two great items are t-shirts and linen and cloth bags. The reason that both of these are good items for volunteers is that they place your volunteer in a position where they may be asked about their t-shirt or bag, giving them a chance to respond. This both makes volunteers feel rewarded and gives them the opportunity to educate. If your goal is to have volunteers return, then high-use items such as key chains or plastic cups can keep them fresh in your mind.

Products for Rewarding Donors

Donors, on the other hand, serve a different purpose. You generally want to provide them with more durable, utilitarian and unique items. A great item to give donors are coffee mugs with your organization’s logo or a statement of thanks. Some donors you may want to thank, and others you may want to keep your organization in their mind. Branded reusable water bottles serve a similar purpose to coffee mugs and are more likely to be seen in public.

If you want to keep yourselves fresh in your donor’s mind, you may consider something such as a cotton lanyard or office supplies. Another utilitarian and practical gift is the baseball cap, and to a lesser extent sweatshirts for certain donors. Something to keep in mind is that just because you have given something out to spread awareness or to volunteers, you have not disqualified it from being a gift to donors as well.

We hope that this has gotten you thinking and starting to consider what promotional items will best serve your organization’s goals, and the goals of your members.