Promotional giveaways are a fun way to get your brand’s name out there, and keep people seeing it again and again. In fact, brand recognition is one of the most important methods of marketing. When deciding what items to give away, there are a few obvious ideas that come to mind – and they are staples of the industry for a reason. For your next giveaway, consider putting your own fun twist on one of these promotional products in Austin.

Writing Devices

It’s possible that the tradition of companies putting their names on pens will never go away; however, in this digital world, we need to keep moving forward. As always, make sure that it is a nice pen that folks will want to use, but today, maybe a pen/stylus combination will be more memorable. Remember, even something as small as a pen represents your company if it carries the name on it. Giving away cheap pens that break or run out ink immediately will only add negative value to your brand.

Notebooks and Journals

The key to these, and many other promotional items, is customization. There are literally endless ways that paper can be bound together to be functional! Think about what your customers would use, and what your employees would be excited to give away. If you operate a design firm, small notebooks that are actually graph paper would be most useful; or, for companies that offer personalized services of self-help, consider a journal. Any company that works with marketing or planning could consider a fun pocket calendar that has important event planning dates built in, which could help people manage their campaigns and keep them aware of important observances each month.

Desk Toys

When considering desk toys as your promotional items, make sure that they are both fun and functional. Nobody wants something that only functions as a paperweight; in fact, this could actually have a negative impact on your company’s brand. Instead, consider something a little bit more unique and stylish. People will keep something on their desk if it has value, or is fun to play with during a boring conference call.

Tote Bags

People love tote bags, it’s not a secret! These have been one of the most common giveaway items for brand recognition since they began being used; however, this means people already have many of them. Still, folks love them as they are multipurpose and practical. Tote bags are still a great promotional item, but gone are the days when you could slap your brand logo on any old canvas bag. Customize them to your audience using color and materials at our screen printing Austin Tx store, and be sure to have a great design that people will want to sport.


Promotional drinkware has been around for decades – just think of those old McDonald’s glasses your grandparents had! Today, you want promotional items to be functional so that people will consider them valuable enough to reuse, keeping your brand name in sight. Invest in quality water bottles or travel coffee mugs that not only look stylish, but protect your drink’s temperature and are easy to use.

There are, of course, many San Marcos promotional products that aren’t even on this list! It’s great to think outside of the box, but always remember to keep functionality at the top of your list of priorities.