Distributing promotional items is a great way to increase people’s awareness of your company and its products and services. Once you have created the attractive promotional products you need to gain the attentions of prospective customers and clients in your target demographic, the next step is to find the most effective ways to get the items into their hands. There are a number of good ways to do this. The following are some of the best methods for distributing promotional items.

Social Media Giveaways

You can use social media to encourage engagement with potential customers by holding an online promotional event. This enables you to garner attention and create a buzz among potential customers far and wide. Social media giveaways can also foster brand loyalty from your current clients. Simply give people on social media an opportunity to get promotional items for liking, sharing, or commenting on your company, products, or services.

Print Media

You can distribute promotional items using a variety of print media, such as mailing coupons, gift cards, mail-in giveaways, as well as loyalty cards. These print items encourage user engagement and get your brand’s promotional items in the hands of your target demographic. Using print media to distribute promotional items also opens up other opportunities to connect with potential clients by offering them great value.

Grassroots Events

Linking promotional product giveaways to grassroots events offers companies a great opportunity to meet potential customers face-to-face. This makes marketing campaigns using promotional products much more effective. It makes customers feel like they’re part of a diverse community and is a powerful way to engender customer engagement and brand loyalty.


Contest are another excellent method for distributing promotional products. Holding contests either online or at personal appearances are a great way to attract and engage new prospects for your company. You can use contests where the promotional items serve as the prizes for people who answer simple questions. This ensures you have many winners and spread your promotional items far and wide. This lets you get a large impact for your marketing dollars and lets many people feel like they are getting something for nothing. It will also allow many people to act as unpaid marketing agents for your company.

Rewards Programs

A rewards program is another great way to create interest in your brand and engender brand loyalty while spreading information about your company. Unlike a contest, rewards programs let everyone with an interest in your product and who has already purchased your product get items branded with your company name, contact information, and what you have to offer. It’s an easy way to get your brand lots of attention.

Trade Shows

Trade shows offer the ideal opportunity to showcase your company and its products and services. They attract people with an interest in the products and services you have to offer and ensure a constant flow of foot traffic. If you have promotional items that are unique and attract attention, you can attract large crowds of excited people who will take your branded promotional products back to their family and friends. Trade shows can expose thousands of people to your brand at a single event.

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