A lot of companies like to take advantage of the holidays throughout the year to do big marketing pushes, product launches, sales and events. The best products for you will depend on what you are using them for, if they do have a specific one-time use for them. We will be going over some merchandise that is holiday-themed, and some event and use-specific options.

Similar to the rest of the year, you will be best served by getting promotional merchandise that can be repurposed for later events by having imprinted logo and branding that has company name, numbers and maybe service(s) offered, but unless you absolutely can get rid of it or the product has to be holiday specific, you don’t want to have something like “Christmas 2017”, New Year’s 2017”, “September Bash” or anything that will be out of date once the time is over. If you are getting a limited amount and will be able to get rid of them, then that choice is up to you. Some people find value in having holiday specific merch, and if you are one of those obviously the choice is yours, and we can help fill the order. But if you’re not having it imprinted, or want to have something on it that is specific to a holiday, temporary labels can take the place of imprints. Using a sticker is an easy way to change the use for it, slapping a sticker on a planner can easily make it a New Year’s Gift, and then either remove it or put another sticker on top of it later. All-purpose merch could be something simple like pens or journals or sticky notes. Something like sunglasses could be great for giving away at a pool party, but still have value the rest of the year.

But if you do want to have holiday themed merch, then there are a ton of options. When it is cold outside, mugs are a great affordable option. These are also easy to brand, will be used a lot, are not disposable, and can be paired with a ton of affordable goodies. Giving them away with hot chocolate packets or coffee grounds is great, as the coffee mug is a great base to start a present. As well, during the Christmas season, if you wrap something up in a box, it becomes a present, and even if it is a flash drive, it becomes Christmas themed. Stockings are an easy and affordable present. If you are looking to thank large clients, then you can give them blankets or beanies, but those are not something that would be a good small give-away at parties and things like that. A Christmas Ornament can work, but it is only used one time a year. So in general, having merch that has the goal of brand exposure isn’t the most effective, as a stocking or ornament gets put away for most the year. However, when thanking clients that can leave a positive impression, especially since so many people have such positive feelings associated with Christmas.