Are you looking for something to give to your customers so they will remember your company? Corporate gifts present your business as friendly and can be used as a take-home advertisement. The most popular of these is the printed pen. While you probably use these pens frequently, do you really pay attention to what is printed on them?

There are much more creative promotional gifts your business can give which are just as usable yet much more memorable. Among these items are lanyards, mugs, hats, shirts, foam drink sleeves, water bottles, bags, and phone cases. By screen printing or embroidering your business’s logo on one of these types of items, you can make sure your customers remember who you are.

Embroidery vs. Screen Printing

Embroidery is the method of stitching your logo onto an item with thread. It is an elegant, lasting way to present your brand on gifts such as shirts, hats, and lanyards. Screen printing, as opposed to embroidery, is a method of putting your logo on an item with ink. A mesh screen creates a stencil which the ink then fills in.

Which one you should use depends on how big your design is and what you want to print it on. Embroidery is thicker than printing and is harder to use to produce intricacies. So, if for instance, your business wants to produce cotton t-shirts with a large logo on the front, you are going to want to use screen printing because embroidery is thick and somewhat uncomfortably bulky with large designs. If you have a smaller logo which you want to put on a thicker shirt such as a polo, embroidery is the more elegant option. Also if your logo includes small lines or text, screen printing is better at producing these small details than embroidery because of the need to manipulate thread.


Embroidery is generally more expensive than screen printing. This is because the thread is more expensive than ink. Embroidery can either be priced according to the number of stitches used or according to the size of the logo. Screen printing varies in price, depending on the size of the logo and the number of colors used. It is usually cheaper to order in bulk.


The biggest thing to consider is your logo. Generally, people don’t remember logos that are too intricate or have too many words. Your logo should be something simple and memorable such as the outline of a state or an item that has to do with your brand. If you are having trouble, professionals can help you design a brand that suits your brand and is unique.

Which Gift?

When choosing which product you want to put your logo on for corporate gifts there are two things your business should consider. Is it memorable and is it usable? Bags, for instance, are usable in multiple situations and are large enough for your consumers to remember your logo.

There are a number of things to consider when producing a corporate gift. As long as your embroidered or printed item is usable and memorable, it will make the perfect giveaway. If you’d like more information about customizing products, contact RiverCity Screenprinting & Embroidery in San Marcos, TX.