People love promotional products. They will stand in line for hours and jostle through huge crowds just to get them. And once they get a promotional item most people proudly use and display them and keep them for years. Many people are even willing to try new, unproven brands if they will be given a promotional item in addition to the product. If the promotional item is something as substantial as a t-shirt, then members of the buying public are even more eager to get them. It seems like getting something for free from a company makes people feel special and fortunate.

Increase Brand Awareness

Companies in Austin and San Marcos are giving away a wide array of promotional items in order to increase people’s awareness of their brand in TX. And many studies show the tactic is very effective. That’s because promotional items that can be used every day are often seen by hundreds if not thousands of people before they are broken or discarded. Few other forms of marketing offer that much bang for the buck. That’s because the vast majority of promotional items can be purchased for a few pennies. Having the item and with it, the company’s brand name then be seen by hundreds of people is an excellent return on investment.

Types of Items

There are a number of different types of promotional products in Austin & San Marcos with their name, logo, and contact information and give away that people like. Some of the most common and inexpensive ones are pens, bags, key chains, water bottles, calendars, fridge magnets, sticky note pads, stress relief balls, and more. For companies willing to spend a little more, t-shirts, journal books, mugs, laptop bags, umbrellas, USB drives, towels, baseball caps, visors, branded external battery chargers, hand sanitizer, and touch screen cleaning cloths are excellent choices.


Promotional items can have a significant impact on consumers. Often not only will the person receiving the item be impacted, but everyone else that sees the item as well. There are a number of things to consider when deciding which promotional item will have the most impact. It should stand out because of its colors or design. It should be unique and attention-grabbing. It should encourage the recipient to use it daily or very often. In addition, your company name and logo should be clearly visible. This combination will help to maximize the promotional item’s impact.

Other Considerations

It’s essential that the promotional item provides lots of advertising exposure, and be attractive to men, women, and people of all ages. It helps if the promotional items contribute to a positive perception of the brand. The bottom line is promotional products should be cost-effective, intriguing, branded, and very visible. They should make people want to keep them for a very long time. The most effective promotional products are ones the recipient finds useful and increases brand recognition, recollection, and sales.

Promotional products have been a popular choice for building brand recognition during marketing campaigns for many years in Austin & San Marcos businesses around TX. These powerful marketing tools give a better return on your investment than outdoor and radio advertising because almost 90% of recipients keep the items for over a year and many for as long as four years.

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