When it comes to promoting small businesses, many forget about tangible items. Yes, a big part of marketing today involves working with digital advertising, content creation, and SEO. However, if you only focus on things on the internet, you’re going to miss a huge sector of the population. Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that can help you generate leads and promote your business. If you’re not sure what you can work with, or perhaps don’t have a large budget, that’s ok. There’s a lot of solutions to consider. In fact, if you look for the best promotional items under $1, you very well may find yourself amidst a great deal of ideas. So read below for helpful tips, search for products here and give us a call today!

Why Go Custom?

Some people may question why they should get customized solutions that are under $1. The simplest of reasons falls into the category of the subconscious. When you give someone a simple gift, even if it’s valued at under $1, you’re extending an olive branch. As a business, you will not succeed if you do not befriend those around you. That’s why customized solutions matter so much. They give the impression that your business is friendly, willing to help, and generous all in one simple gesture. You’ll find that if you customize simple gift options, you will likely get more leads than if you would just give someone your business card alone.

Going with a custom item not only makes your business look legitimate, it stands out. It will help people remember your business through function, which is a huge thing. If someone, for instance, uses a pen with your company’s information on it, they’ll engrave that into their memory. Then when they need something, they’ll think of your business, and call. It’s that simple. It’s a form of influence marketing that can be ever so subtle, and inexpensive to boot.

Simple Promotional Items To Consider

For those that are on a budget, getting the best promotional items may seem out of reach. That’s not always the case. With the right choice, you could get items for just a few cents per unit. Things that you wouldn’t otherwise think would be inexpensive could be customized for your needs, and you can start giving them away immediately.

Some of the most common types of things that you can get include flashlights, pens, pencils, wall calendars, magnet calendars, drinkware, pads of paper, candy, and so much more. There are a lot of useful items that people will put on their desks, and look at on a regular basis. Not only that, others will pass by their desk to borrow something and see your company’s name and contact information as well. Lead generation is made simple when you are a part of someone’s daily life, which is where simple promotional items come into play.

The Gift That Delivers Leads

Instead of passing out your business card to hundreds of people, why not give them a simple gift? With $1 promotional items, you can establish communication beyond a simple card. The next time you go to a trade show, for instance, you could be part of the businesses that stand out. Instead of having a card that gets lost in the shuffle of hundreds of cards, you could be the person that saves the day with a personalized pen, light, or calendar. That simple gesture and gift can speak volumes about your business, which is why these matter so much. Test them out once, and see why so many companies are getting customized promotional items, all for under $1 apiece.

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