There are multiple types of items that can be utilized as promotional products, including everything from clothing and accessories to bags and backpacks. However, some of the most used promotional items are those small enough to fit on a keychain. People carry their house and car keys everywhere they go, so unlike a cup or magnet, your promotional item is almost always guaranteed to travel and reach more potential customers. There are many different options for keychain products. Here are some of our favorites:

Simple Plastic Logo

Some of the most popular promotional keychain items are various plastic shapes with a company logo printed on them. The shapes used for these can be almost anything, round, oval, square, or whatever the company logo fits on. Depending on the company these keychain items can also be made in specific shapes. For example, a realty service might consider a house shaped item, while a veterinary clinic might use an item shaped like a dog bone. The options are almost limitless.

Foam Shapes

Another promotional keychain item is one similar to plastic shaped logos, only instead of being made of plastic they are made of thick foam. These items can also be made in different shapes. While there main purpose is still to display a company’s logo, they have the added benefit of being useful to the customer. The thick foam used for these is meant to keep a set of keys afloat if dropped in water. These may be particularly useful for businesses that deal with clients who are often on the water.

Bottle Openers

Bottle openers are another useful item that can be made to fit on a keychain. Usually made of a light metal, these are slightly more costly to manufacture than plastic or foam logos, but will most likely get more use. Whether at a social event or at the office, being able to open a bottle can make life easier. Bottle openers are also an item that customers may lend to someone else, giving them a chance to mention the company that they got it from.

Mini Flashlights

Miniature flashlights are also a popular item to put on a keychain. A regular, non-LED flashlight can be used, or one that uses an LED light. There are benefits to both. Regular flashlights are generally larger and more noticeable. LED flashlights usually have more variety available as far as shape. For instance, they can be made fairly flat which provides plenty of room for a visible company logo. Flashlights are another item that is useful to customers and that they’ll most likely use for a long time.

Stylus Pens

Another option to use for a keychain promotional item is a stylus pen. The popularity of stylus pens is rising due to the amount of people who have access to tablets and e-readers. They are also popular for people who use touch-screen phones. Having a stylus close by is useful for many people, and every time it is used the company who distributed the item gets a little extra advertising. Stylus pens are another item that can last for quite a long time, providing more exposure with less effort.

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