A blood drive is a very effective way to ensure that emergency response organizations and medical facilities have the blood they need to help people in case of a natural disaster or any other type of emergency. Various organizations hold blood drives year-round to get the blood donations they need to ensure their supplies do not fall below a certain predetermined level; there is even a National Blood Donor Month in January. In order to make people aware of those blood drives and to motivate people to give blood, organizations use a number of different types of promotional items.


Many blood donors like to let people know they’ve donated. Giving them stickers to place on their books, vehicles, or other surfaces makes them feel good and are a good way to make others aware of the blood drive and bring them to the donation site.


Lollipops with blood donation information printed on the packaging is another simple and inexpensive promotional item. Most people like lollipops, plus they help the blood donor keep his or her blood sugar level up after making a donation.

Reusable Totes

These totes are welcomed by blood donors because they are reusable, ecofriendly, and can be used to hold a wide variety of items. Whether the blood donor uses them at book stores, grocery stores, farmers’ markets, or anywhere else, they are highly visible and can spread the word about the blood drive wherever they are taken.

Plastic Bags

These are affordable, reusable, cost-effective, versatile items that can be used to promote blood drives. They can be taken anywhere and can even be made from biodegradable or recycled materials.


T-Shirts are probably the most popular promotional item. Not only do they turn the blood donor into a walking billboard, they also keep on promoting blood donation for as long as the person continues to wear them. Some people keep on wearing these mini billboards for years.

First Aid Kits

These are great promotional items because in addition to promoting the blood drive by having the information emblazoned on them, first aid kits are always a good thing to have handy. They can come in handy at home, at work, or at play to help address injuries. Smaller kits can be kept in a purse, a drawer, or in an automobile glove compartment.

Hot/Cold Pack

Reusable, pliable, non-toxic hot/cold packs with a blood donation logo on them are another very welcome promotional item. People can always find uses for them and they keep on promoting blood donation for as long as the pack lasts.

Hand Sanitizer

Small containers of hand sanitizers are another handy promotional item. People’s hands get dirty all the time and any time they pull out the container they’ll promote blood donation.

Bottled Water

Bottled water is always a welcome gift. Donors can use them to help get rehydrated after donating blood, exercising, or any time during their day. Plus, they help to keep donating blood on the forefront of people’s minds with the blood donation logo on the bottle.

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