Spring is coming fast and with it comes a change in people’s attitudes, the way they dress, and what they do. Spring is the time for the first picnics of the year, the return to outdoor activities, and baseball! Now is the time to consider new promotional items associated with springtime activities. Preparing now means you can have your name available to people before the competition does, and that customers will have more opportunity to get your promotional item in their hands. So what items are most popular during the spring? Here’s a list of 10 items that are popular and get plenty of use during springtime.

Beach Balls and Other Inflatables

As simple as they are, inflatable balls are popular everywhere. On a warm day at the beach, park, or lake you’re going to see people bouncing these around. Another favorite item is inflatable arms bands.

Custom Flying Discs

These are a staple for picnic and beach trips. They also make great promotional items because they have long life spans and can be used immediately.

Golf Accessories

Golfers use a lot of varied gear, and there are plenty of golf products that you can print with your logo. Golf towels, tees, balls, hats, and shirts are just a small example of the items that are popular with golfers during the spring season.

Water Bottles and Drink Sleeves

Water bottles and drink sleeves are great because they literally put your brand right in front of people’s faces. They are also durable and usually have a long life span.


April showers bring May flowers! There are usually a few rainy days throughout the spring season during which people will break out their umbrellas. Umbrellas offer a large area to put your logo, and people will be able to use an umbrella through the spring and into the fall.

T-shirts and Hats

Spring is a time for wearing short sleeved and sleeveless shirts. T-shirts are always a great way to advertise your business. But you don’t have to limit yourself to t-shirts; tank tops and baseball shirts are equally popular during the warmer spring weather. Hats are another good investment because they can be worn year round. Investing in a well-made hat will make people hang on to it for a longer period.

Picnic Blankets and Towels

Picnic blankets and towels are always needed for trips to the beach and other outdoor activities, and they put your message on a large, reusable canvas.

Coolers and Insulated Bags

People always look for cold drinks during the spring, and a new cooler or insulated bag will get use throughout the entire season and into the summer. These items have larger than usual sides that allow everybody to see your company name in large print.

Custom Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a requirement for sunny days, and they’re usually very affordable. Bright colors mixed with your logo or name will definitely stand out.

BBQ Sets

A BBQ set will absolutely be used during the spring and into the summer, and it’s something that people will hang onto for a long time. These items are a little more expensive, but they are a long lasting gift. Perfect for loyal customers, as a donation to charities, or as a prize in a contest.

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