If you have a business, one of the things that you absolutely have to do is some sort of promotion to get it off the ground. Of course, there are many things you can do but probably the most cost effective way to advertise is to have promotional products to give away to potential customers. But first, let’s tackle the question of why use promotional products. 

The Most Cost Effective Promotion 

Promotional products are a proven and cost-effective way of not only marketing your company but of also marketing your services to an extremely large audience. Why is that? One reason is that if you are targeting a specific market, such as bakeries, for instance, the promotional product you give to one baker will more than likely be seen by many others. Birds of a feather flock together as the old saying goes. So one baker can soon become 10, 50, or even a hundred bakers that will see your promo piece over time. Of course, this can become more depending on the kind of promotional product you give away. One very good product would be an embroidered hat with your name and phone number on it. If you think this sounds too simple, let me remind you that Donald Trump used an embroidered red hat with an embroidered catch phrase to help capture the Republican party and help him become the Republican’s Nominee for President. Do you remember what the slogan was on the hat? And you thought the idea was silly. 

Promotional Products Break The Ice

Another thing about promotional products is that by giving an item away, the person that gets the product is more than likely to not only remember you and your business but also more likely to reciprocate and do business with you. This is not always true, but it happens enough to make the use of promotional products almost necessary when you are trying to increase your business. Using promotional products is also an efficient method of starting a conversation with potential customers. Giving away a promotional product allows you to break the ice with someone new and engage them in a conversation. This kind of technique is how sales are made. 

Use Your Promotional Products At Trade Shows

Promotional products can also be used very effectively at trade shows. There is no more powerful word in the area of sales or marketing than the word “FREE”, so why not offer free things – of course, the free things are your promotional products – at the next trade show you attend. The other thing about trade shows is that the people who have your unique promotional free gift will be wandering around the trade show too and as they wander they are likely to hear this conversation. “Hey, where did you get that awesome T-Shirt? Really! Yeah, Bills Embroidery Barn is giving them away. They’re right over by the BBQ place. I’m going over there right now. I want one too.” This is an accurate description because Exhibit Surveys Inc. did a study that showed that trade show traffic increased a whopping 176% to the booths that gave away promotional gifts.

Promotional Products Can Advertise For Years

It’s also important to remember that conventional advertising only runs for a set period of time and then it is over. Promotional products, on the other hand, can potentially deliver advertising for your company for an unlimited amount of time. It can even be for years. When you are deciding on what type of products to use think unique and useful. Things like embroidered hats or scarfs and even T-Shirts make great promotional gifts.