T-shirts are a popular clothing item to wear on a daily basis because they’re casual, comfortable, lightweight and offer so much variety and customization. Not only do they come in a variety of shapes, but they can also display any picture or pattern imaginable—you can even order custom shirts designed just the way you want them. Many people, however, consider t-shirts to just be simple clothing items, so they don’t put in much thought when they order one. The truth is, there are a few important things you should consider when choosing and wearing a t-shirt.

Putting on a t-shirt can influence the way you appear depending on the context. Choosing a t-shirt that fits you just right can make you look great and feel confident, but an ill-fitted shirt or one made of the wrong materials can make you feel uncomfortable. It’s important, therefore, that you should make the right choice before wearing a t-shirt of any kind or design.

Below are some of things you should consider next time you’re looking to find the right shirt—one that will make you feel great and last a long time. As you read the following guidelines, you should remember to stick to your style—what it is you as an individual want to express. These guidelines shouldn’t derail you from expressing yourself through your own style; they should only guide you to make the right pick when choosing your tee.


Some people assume that any old t-shirt is good, but others can tell you that this dismissive sentiment is far from the case. The material of a t-shirt determines how light it feels and how easily it can be washed. 100% cotton is the most popular fabric that is used to make t-shirts, as cotton breathes to allow your body to stay cool during summer and warm during winter. Synthetic materials such as polyester don’t breathe as well, meaning that a shirt made from them will not allow your body to regulate its temperature as well depending on the season. This could result in a feeling of discomfort all day.

There are also t-shirts made from blended materials, such as 50% cotton and 50% polyester. These tees tend to breathe about as well as a full cotton shirt, and can be a nice, cheaper alternative to 100% cotton without sacrificing much quality.


Anyone who’s fashion-oriented will tell you that the way your clothes fit your body is extremely important, and t-shirts are no exception. It can sometimes be a bit more difficult to tell if a tee fits you perfectly, however, especially if you’re shopping online and can’t try the shirt on. You may be able to get a feel for whether or not a t-shirt is a right fit for you by looking at how it is sewn, but there’s no substitute for actually trying on the tee. A t-shirt should not make you look or feel uncomfortable, but should rather fit the shape of your body.

Quality and price

Quality and price go hand in hand whenever you are buying any product. T-shirts that cost a bit more are more likely to last compared to cheaper t-shirts, as the prices of tees are usually determined by their quality. If you want to get tees that are of the best quality, splurge a bit and spend a few extra bucks on a premium clothing item. It will last longer and and feel better overall.

Once you’ve found the shirt that fits you just right, the rest is up to you! Your imagination is the limit when it comes to t-shirt graphics; all you have to do is place the order. T-shirts are about having fun and expressing yourself, so don’t forget to find one that represents you!

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