It’s the New Year, and what better way to get your name out there than with customized products as give-aways, employee incentives, branded apparel, gifts, and so much more! Wearable products are the new Walking Billboard, with hats, sunglasses, t-shirts, and bags to name a few. With over 750,00 items to choose from, choosing a promotional product is always a balancing act.  Would you rather sacrifice the quality of a promotional product in return for more quantity, which means you have fewer to give away?  Or should you choose to do lower quantity of a better product in order to make a stronger impression on potential customers? We have some tips that will help:

Take a promotional product such as a t-shirt as an example.  If you create a simple print on a cheap shirt, people are much less likely to want to wear it.  However, if you are able to come up with an interesting and memorable design that incorporates your logo, and choose a high quality, comfortable shirt, someone is more likely to wear it over and over again. That shirt could become someone’s favorite shirt for wearing around the house, or going to the gym.  In the case of most wearable promotional products such as hats, shirts, and bags, quality will be the better choice for your brand in the long run than quantity. 

Personal Items such as electronics, gadgets, and tech gear are always great to put your logo on as well.

The lifespan of a product should determine which items you choose to get printed.  In this age of technology, people are constantly charging phones and tablets.  Wall chargers and car chargers can be a great item that someone definitely hold on to.  You want to give your customer something they will use on a daily basis, and want to hang on to. 

When planning on which products you will use, think about the residual value of the item you choose.  Is the quality good?  Is this product something that you would personally want as well?  If you choose a product that will make people swarm and fight over, it will create even more buzz about your company then some basic pens or flyers to hand out.  After all, the point of advertising is to make people talk about your business; so grab some new products with us and see the benefits yourselves! Contact us and we’ll help you get the right products at the right price.