The Screen Printing Process - an Infographic

Sketch & Develop a Sweet Design

Create an awesome design through a computer program like Abode Illustrator, or hand-draw one yourself!

Artwork Preparation & Printing

Each color in the artwork is prepared so that it’s transferred to its own screen. Then onward to prep for the exposure process!

Expose the Screen

Use emulsion to coat the screen and let it dry. The screen with the positive attached is then laid onto an exposure unit. The screen is then
exposed to light for a short period, which “burns” the image onto the screen.

Prepare Ink and Screen

Once your screen has been exposed, rinse off the remaining emulsion, and let the screen dry completely. You can then grab the ink you’ll need for printing and set up the printing area.

Printing Begins!

Once set up is complete, place the shirt or paper that will be printed on accordingly. Secure the shirt or paper before printing. otherwise, the ink may come out off-center. Start printing by pulling the squeegee in a downward motion, pushing the ink through the exposed region of the screen.

Rinse & Repeat

The process is then repeated for each color of ink. You’ll then shoot each coat with a shot of heat until it is cured enough for you to apply the next color of ink.


In conclusion, the screen printing process involves creating a design either by hand or with a computer program, preparing each color in the artwork for transfer onto its own screen, exposing the screen to light to burn the image onto the screen, preparing ink and the screen printing the design onto the material, and repeating the process for each color of ink. The final step is to cure the design with heat. Overall, the screen printing process is a multi-step process that requires careful preparation and attention to detail to produce high-quality prints.

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