In the first part of this post, (if you haven’t seen it: Building Your Brand with Promotional Items – Part I) we discussed how branding clothing and promotional products can help bolster your brand image.  Today, we’re going to look at two more categories of promotional items to brand: electronics and athletic gear.


For any company dealing with technology or electronics, branding electronic accessories is a very useful way to make sure people will keep your merchandise around for a long time. Smart phone usage makes sure that not a day goes by that USB chargers and adapters don’t get used, so having your logo or monogram on one of these peripherals will definitely leave a lasting mark. Though desktop computers have been giving way to mobile, mouse pads are still a safe bet. Flash drives are also very good options. So if your brand involves technology, innovation, or just a forward-thinking lifestyle in general, technology is a great way to go to get your image out to relevant channels.

Athletic Gear

If you have an athletic-oriented brand or even just brand pillars that promote a healthy lifestyle, branding fitness gear is a great way to reinforce these values while putting out products that people will be proud to use and display. Water bottles of all kinds lend themselves well to monogramming or even all-out branding, and backpacks make prominent canvases to present your brand. Sunglasses, bike chains, swimming caps—the list goes on.
These are just a few ideas of how your brand can be presented in relevant contexts that reach wide audiences. The list can go on for days, but the important thing to remember is that you need to use outlets that make sense for your brand. If your merchandise makes sense for your brand and reaches the audience your brand resonates with, monogrammed or branded merchandise can be a very good way to not only build your brand exposure but also create a way of life out of your brand. Because a brand isn’t defined by the people who market it, but by the consumers who embrace it.
If you’re ready to start spreading your brand and gaining brand recognition with promotional items, give us a call at RiverCity—we’d love to work with you!